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Due to a lack of time, this update is very minor. It does feature some small improvements for CABAL however, so I figured people might still want it.

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1.8 Beta 8
-Fixed an issue where some advanced infantry units where able to detect mines when they should not
-Fixed some EVA voice lines

-new model for the Nano Assembler (model based on RA3)
-new building: Stealth Generator (model based on TT)
-the Mainframe can now house a single squad of Gorgons - this protects them from attacks and they will generate additional funds while inside.

You may be wondering why I would give a stealth generator to CABAL when he already has a good arsenal of tools and it makes him more similar to Nod.

To be honest, I'm thinking about removing the EMP Cannon from CABAL and giving it to Nod - it was kinda a Brotherhood weapon in TS and they still have an EMP focus in TW, so it would fit. CABAL on the other hand does not have much EMP otherwise and with his artificial nature, I do not think he would want to protect his base with such weapons.

CABAL also has a Mobile Stealth Generator but is otherwise lacking in stealth, which seems a bit.. odd. Unlike the EMP Cannon however, it would make sense for CABAL to have a Stealth Generator - after all, he would really need to hide after Firestorm and unlike Nod, he didnt loose all his stealth tech to GDI.

Keep in mind that these are only plans for now and nothing is set in stone. If you have an suggestions/idea, please post them in the comments.

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currently i dont have time to play your mod but nevertheless thank for update. im glad that the mod is still developing, one day it can become the top1mod for tw multiplyer games.
what i want to see in it is that every faction is special and uniques in their own way. so i dont care which faction has the stealth abilitty, i just want that every faction be interesting and not a copycat of the other ones, although i know that the cabal was a subfaction of the nod in tiberium sun

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