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This week we just did a small progress but we are going to show some things off next week. During this week I finished the Menu theme for the mod which is 37 secs long. It'll be under the videos category.

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During this week the only thing that has been finished is the Mod theme. The Programmer is working on the Inventory system for the mod and our 3D Artist is also working on the Weapons. Our 2D Artist is currently busy because he has alot of things needs to be done for school so many 2D arts going to be released next week.

The reason why the mod is moving slow is that we need more qualified team members that can help us reaching the goals we set up.

What we still need! :

2D Artists : They are doing stuff like Textures, Wallpapers,Logos etc...
3D Artists : They'll be working on the props and Weapon models.
Programmer : He's going to change and add stuff to the Mod.

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