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A few details here and there. I'm doing whatever I can to polish the graphics and models as I build the mod and the mod is slowly being finished to the release phase of this mod.

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Menu Backdrop

Firstly, here's the menu screen. I've changed the menu to something more book like to make it worth while.

Menu Image

Interestingly enough, it looks like the same color scheme as the windows, with the Gold and Red theme on it. You may also noticed the windows with the buttons. Those are the chapters in the game.

Character Model in Viewer

Here's one of the avatars I'm created for the mod in the viewer itself. It was another task that I did. There some files I had to create to allow this to happen.

Forest Path Screenshot

Level design got a bit of polish on them. I've decided to sort out the lighting on day outdoor maps. This way, the lighting looks a bit better this time with a bit shadows and dark areas to contrast the levels, to make them look a bit more textured and different from time to time.

Here's some gameplay footage of the map in action, to show that it isn't photoshopped.

Also if anyone wants to see the original bots hold the weapons I've created, here they are. Here's Dante, one of the Unreal Gold bots holding one of my made weapons. This looks good if anyone wants to play the Salvage Weapons Deathmatch with the original bots, to mix the matches up.

Unreal Characters Holding Salvage Weapons

Unreal Characters Holding Salvage Weapons

Unreal Characters Holding Salvage Weapons

Hopefully the mod will be released next week but more development is done even after the release, which I will explain later, so stay tuned for more information regarding this.

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