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A quick update to let you know that Demeine 2.0's groundwork has begun.

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Hey everyone, the beta for Barony's 3.0 update just came out yesterday and I wanted to let you all know that I've begun some early work on Demeine 2.0 (the name is a work in progress, but I might keep it because I have no creativity). I haven't got too far in to it due to any potential inconsistencies of 3.0's file structure and editor in the current beta when compared to the final release, but I have started modelling some items and writing up some lengthy lists of ideas.

Here are some early janky looking vox models of some equipment I would like to implement. I consider these a work in progress but I ultimately might use them 'as is' anyways.

(first person model)

I am not sure how to avoid having this look like a pile of excrement.

(This is supposed to be an "apprentice hat". Yes, I know what else it looks like.)

Anyways, that's all I have to show right now. I have much more planned that I hope to implement and I'll be excited if I can do so.

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