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Since the last beta update, there have been some awesome changes made to Small Chronicles! Read on for more details!

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If you haven't heard, you will be able to fight against other players in Small Chronicles' league matches! Since the previous update, there has been some progress on the game's league mode!

Next League?

The first of which is the addition of the next league's information. As you might have noticed above, you can now see what's the next league that you can get promoted to and the requirement for it to happen.

Did I already mention that you will be fighting against other players for the stars in the sky? Well that means that there is a huge number of available stars! However, whoever wins a match gets the stars from the loser's pool!

If you are not careful, losing matches can result in being demoted to the previous league!


The field where your opponent and you will do battle is also randomly decided!

Random field?

Sometimes you will get to fight in the deserts!

Random Field?

In the story mode, monsters have the tendency to attack your character straight on. They usually do not consider doing anything else unless they are ranged attackers/healers/tankers and etc.

In league mode though, you will be facing the characters that other players have spent time growing and making stronger. On top of that, these characters will be able to make use of their surroundings!

A.I & Blessings

In this scenario, the opponent will move towards the blessing since it is nearer than where the player is at!

A.I & Traps

You can be sure that the trap will be triggered here!

Add that to the fact that character skills will come into play during league matches...

Hot and explosive!

Hot! Explosion deals quite the damage to your character!

At the end of every match, you will be able to see the amount of stars that your opponent and you have lost (or gained).

For the stars in the skies!

However, if you have gained enough stars to reach the next league,

Who's getting a promotion?

You will get promoted to the next league! Congrats!

In other words, league matches will be much more interesting than clearing stages in story mode! On the other hand, your characters won't be getting any experience in league matches. So be sure to return to the battlefield in Arystonia from time to time!

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