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This update adds the all-new league mode to Small Chronicles! Read on for all about how you can fight against other players for the stars in the skies!

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A new update for Small Chronicles' open beta is finally here! This also means that the league has arrived! So what can you expect from this new update?

The League has arrived
Small Chronicles open beta v1.02 brings with it the all-new league mode! In league mode, you will be able to pit your characters against those of other players!

Bronze league?

All players start from the same point - the bronze III league. Don't worry as you will definitely get promoted to higher leagues as you win more league matches!

Silver league promotion!

As you win league matches, you will earn stars that will determine your overall ranking and the league that you belong to. The amount of stars that you will earn depends on the level of your opponent's character.

End of match

Now if in the scenario that you have won a lot of matches and earned a huge amount of stars, you might see yourself placed in the top 10!

Top 10?

However, if you have noticed, each league season only lasts for 14 days! Furthermore, only the top 5 of each season will get the awesome rewards that comes with being the best 5!

Only the best 5

On top of that, you will also be able to see who attacked you recently!

Who attacked u?

The match outcome of the surprise attack determines the amount of stars won or lost. Therefore, it is possible for you to get promoted or demoted to a higher or lower league even while you were offline!

On the other hand, you will also be able to fight back against those who surprise attacked you!

Fight back against your attackers! Setting up match?

So there are all these talk about fighting league matches. But what exactly happens in a match?

In a match?

For starters, since you are fighting against other characters, expect your opponents to use character skills against you!

Hot and explosive!

In-game objects, for example rocks and blessings will also appear randomly on the battlefield!

Random positions?

As a matter of fact, almost everything is randomly decided! The field at which the match will take place, the starting positions of your opponent and yours are just a few amongst all of them.

In the story mode, there are some exceptions (e.g healers,ranged attackers) but monsters are usually wired to primarily target your character. However, in league mode, things will not be the same.

For example, if a blessing was nearer than where your character is at, your opponent's character will decide to grab it for that advantage instead. You can also expect your opponent's character to leverage on other in-game objects such as rocks and even traps!

A.I & Traps

So what determines the outcome of a match? If the percentage of your character's health is greater than that of your opponent's, it's your victory! Otherwise, prepare to lose some of your stars!

Stats balancing
While Small Chronicles is an RPG at its core, it does not have distinct classes for you to choose from. On the other hand, each character has its own unique abilities and characteristics that might seem similar to traditional RPG classes.

If you have played as Kon (the first/main character), it will become rather obvious that he is similar to what a fighter class is. On the other hand, Lyea is somewhat of an attack/defense mage (depending on how you play).

Therefore, Kon's strength has slightly changed as a shift in his character's focus. Instead of the previous 2-3 point increase in ATK, adding points to Kon's strength now increases his ATK by 3-4!

Adding strength

Items that increase strength also now adds 4 (used to be 3) points to Kon's ATK! While this means that Kon will become a rather offense-based character, spending points in his constitution, which improves his health (HP), is also equally important.

Bug Fixes
A critical fix in this new update was having resolved the game crashing upon using the iCloud synchronization. Having items such as potions or antidotes in your inventory caused the game to crash while uploading/downloading via iCloud.

Potions crash?

Now they will not crash the game during iCloud synchronization.

Synchronizing to the cloud

All in all
While it took quite an amount of time, adding the league mode to Small Chronicles was definitely worth it! It opened up a new way of playing against other players and matching up against them!

So what do you think of this new update? Be sure to share your thoughts below and check back for the next update!

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