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Found some bugs, so i fixed them and updated the download...

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So I played through the full game one more time and found out that I have forgotten to increase MAXACTORS global variable in the version I released two days ago. Because of this the game was crashing on level 9 if you got the ghostly doll (AKA fake Hitler) to spawn more than 35 fireballs - pretty annoying, but its fixed now. I also noticed that the game wouldn't accept numbers as string input (meaning that for example while making a new save you couldn't enter a number in its name or if you are a cheater and wanted to warp around levels you couldn't enter the level number either :D).

These are just small fixes so I didn't update the sources download link and rather than making a new download of the game I just updated the one i created two days ago...

BDDA SDL - Linux and Windows release

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