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This has gone from a project that had my full attention to one that I only update when I feel like it.

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As far as I know there are only about maybe 7 people on the planet interested in this mod, or what it might become. For that, I thank you for your patience.

On the other foot, I have grown a bit weary testing the same things over and over. I've got both hopes and fears for its release. Hopes that it will be accepted as a joke mod, but also have my fears that content referenced within will be "ruined forever." I certainly don't want to be held responsible for creating some new shitpost meme or something.

When I first started this project I had big ambitions for developing for Source Engine. Half Life: Source was the perfect testbed for tons of arbitrary modifications and scripting. Now however, I feel as though I'm spinning my wheels in progress.

I've learned a little about mapping, I've learned a little about script editing (a very minor degree at that, I have yet to tweak any .DLL), learned about sound editing -- much I already knew but techniques that would be useful for other projects, and I've learned some about debugging.

I've run out of things to experiment but I'm far from having something that is worth sharing. I've also lost the drive to do it, other things and projects have consumed my motivation. It doesn't help that the previous hard drive failure in February 2017 left me with only the fruits of my creation, not the source materials; I have to restart from square one in terms of prefab creation, and map decompiling among other things.

I know one thing, I need to remake several maps as I have broken the fabric of time with some of them, involving AI stability.

I've just decided that I've put too much into it to give up now, but not enough to justify uploading such a massive archive of mostly stolen content.

I'm just not sure what course of action to take, I've done some things with this game I regret.


soo what does that mean?

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supersonicbros369 Author

It just means I refuse to let it die, but its not really a priority to finish right now.

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Can you release whatever you've already got with the project? It's already long enough, I think. I don't know if you even develop this anymore. Yeah that "up to you" thing as well here, I suppose, maybe. Is that what you did in the mod is extremely offensive or something?
Don't want to sound like I'm pushing my "ego" here or something, I've already read the comments here.
Yes so like I said, I've already read this much about on this page and whatnot.
So once again, I don't want to seem mean or anything of the like. I just genuinely don't know about the release of this and it has been 4 years since this post was done so I don't know.
I'm coming to think that this mod is in this "dead" state now. And sad, it was never released in late 2010s or even after. Not sure though.

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