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Alrighty we have had these for a while now but I wanted to post more and we are having issues with not having a tex artist and we are in need of more mappers as 119PSP is doing great and well Mexicouger has a few issues that need to be sorted out.

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Here we go.
Are first map pretty much done jump pads will be added once I put in the code for them.
And a few new textures are getting made to add to the map to make it have more textures :D.
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
Alright and we have done more work on the Helmet Veiw.
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And a Message from Lazy Sammich:
Hello guys as you know im a brain dead degenerate with no imagination and with those downsides im having trouble making the hud/crosshair look not boring, and criticism and suggestions would be really helpfull. Thanks xD

P.S. This probably represents nothing to what it will be when its finished, I'm thinking it will take up a lot less of the screen and will probably be a little more colourful.

And that is it

If you are interested in doing Textures or Mapping for us shoot me a PM. We really need the help.


Maps are looking good, I'm not really familiar with the quake 1 engine, will there be lightmapping for it?

@Lazy Sammich - Again, I'm unfamiliar with Quake, can the UI support transparency, like PNG images? Because then you could do it fairly simplistic but stylish. Just look at the previous Metroid Prime games for inspiration! Also Star Wars Republic Commando.

Good luck!

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