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I added the first unidirectional connection type: The slide.

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For the later level design I need several different types of connections:
- simple bidirectional connections: static (walkways) and vines are already done
- unidirectional connections: the slide is done, maybe I will add something like a catapult later on
- "free" connections, connections that transport the bloop to somewhere not necessarily close to the current tile: Something like a teleporter or elevator are planned and are still on the todo list.

Slides can be used to easily produce a dead end, because the way back is not possible. This can be good or bad, depending on the level.

I will add a video of this thing when it is uploaded.

All connections are auto generated from a start and end point in the level, meaning the geometry and the transportation is completely generic. I could also create a slide going up, although the animation looks hilarious (maybe I will post a video of that in the category "outtakes" ^^).

The next steps for me would be:
- add one implementation of the third kind of connections
- add a better visualization of the grouping of tiles that can be activated (currently they just have the same base color, but I think of adding connection lines between them).

That is all for now, thanks for reading! :)

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