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We've been working more on pathfinding and is now extending it to vertical travel with elevators. Our population is getting hungry and is looking for a place to eat to ease the hunger. We have also redesigned the GUI to a more flat design.

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Apologies for this somewhat overdue dev log entry. In the last entry we talked a lot about pathfinding and because of the way a building is structured and the way it works in Skylimit Tycoon it's turning out to be one of them hard nuts to crack. We're still working on the pathfinding and have been since the last entry but we're a lot closer to something really useful now.

Demo of pathfinding, darker boxes are hungry and is going to food places to eat

At the moment we've managed to get people to walk around on the map and visit a restaurant when they need food, then set off out on exploration and come back again later when they need food again. This is all very basic AI but it's more to test the pathfinding than anything else. I do expect us to be working on pathfinding for a good while yet as we're also now embarking on vertical travel, meaning we want people to be able to go to other floors.

Populations spread out over the map

This neatly brings us into the next thing we've been working on, elevators. Now elevators are indeed a big feature of the game and we will be making sure we get this done properly. The challenge is getting both the core handling of elevators working together with making them scriptable for modding and having them rendered in a way that makes it easy for the player to see what they are and where they go.

Elevator shafts

At the moment the idea is that an elevator will have a pit and an overhead section, this means that when you place an elevator on a floor, the floor below will automatically have the same space taken up for the "pit" of the shaft and the floor above will have the same space taken up for the overhead. This is pretty normal stuff for elevators as they need room for the machinery to run them. However this also means it's a bit more complex in terms of validating if a player is allowed to place en elevator.

Selected an elevator

All of these things have also made us work a bit on improving the user interface. This is an ongoing process which will most likely be going on for a while. The biggest improvements so far is a nicer on the eye colour scheme together with some new workflows for constructing building area, placing rooms and placing elevators.

Demonstration of GUI when building a hotel room


i like it - stairs and escalators would be feature as well but also different sizes of elevators would be cool

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kecon Author

Thanks for your comment, we're always open for more input. We will add both stairs and escalators, probably when we finished all logic around elevators. We have implemented different sizes of elevators, but we've just been testing with a "standard" elevator at the moment. We're thinking about having doors at both front and back of the elevator as well, but that might be something that will be implemented after release. The number of floors that an elevator may reach is also different depending on elevator type.

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well i would help with this game cause i have alot of ideas and testing
the doors could be depent on locations example - side door with front door or rear door with side door
players can customtic elevators to the fitting of skycrapers for example i put two large elevators with front door with glass on rear part and sides and set non stop to top of tower
so if you want me to give alot of ideas and test - i would be glad to help out

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We'd love to hear all suggestions you might have for the game. Feel free to drop by our forums at and get the discussions going.

The more community feedback and suggestions we can get the better we can make the game for everyone.

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