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We have been very busy developing the visuals of our game as well as many features. Join us on our journey as we develop SkyHearth!

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For the past month we've been really focused on completing the systems we didn't yet get to in the previous month.

This month has been really productive! Here's a brief description of the things we did this month:

  • Questing System : this includes programming , functionality and design of what types of quests we want to test out as well as how complex we want it to be.

  • Dialogue System : programming, designing which dialogue type we want, btw we have chosen choices / tree branching style, and designing the functionality and layout.

  • Housing System: fixed the housing system menus and implemented multiple furniture as well as created hearth depot shop.

  • UI/HUD design and Art: redesigning menu layouts, designing the art and figuring out how it should look, implementing the art, layout and polishing.

  • Items and Gear: designed the weapons and armor, we decided to add random attributes to the gear to make it feel unique every drop. Made icons for the Item Viewers in the Menus , each item will have a medium size image to view upon selection.

  • Combat : Polishing the first person combat feedback , enemy combat AI/navigation ,adding particle effects to player class abilities.

  • Formulas : fixing combat formulas for calculations, determining the individual attributes bonuses to be applied to the players stats

  • Argument : we had a huge argument about tables, shit happens lol xD

  • World/Terrain : Redesigning the whole terrain/world, using a new workflow that allows us to have a more dynamic feeling for the terrain rather than a flat feeling,

  • Modeling: Designed and modeled our first 2 sets of weapons as well as the first 2 sets of armor, redesigned the rocks and various vegetation.

  • DevLog : Created our second video about the Housing System

  • Alpha Build: Created our first Alpha build with all the systems implemented to test

*I may be missing something

We had some little snags here and there but overall we were very efficient and productive!

As for new updates , we have discussed having more frequent DevLogs, as well as more GiFs, screenshots for you guys on twitter and youtube. As we continue to develop, it will become increasingly easier to make new updates, thanks for your patience! If you have any questsions leave a comment and we will reply back as soon as possible.

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