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Sky High Games Horror Collection Will be releasing February 15 2023 On Steam If you haven't heard of the game it is a collection of horror games I have made in 2021 and 2022. With this collection you will have 5 survival horror games to choose from. That can be played in any order.

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This collection will have 5 survival horror games. Like Us, Highway Of Tears, The Infestation, The Cruel One, The Cruel One 2.

Like Us

Like us is a survival horror game where you must avoid the darkness for as long as possible. You play as Henry, who will soon find out the truth about himself and those he knew.

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The Infestation

This horror game will make your skin crawl. A human sized roach is on the loose and you must find a way out of the facility with your only options being to run, hide or die.

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Highway Of Tears

Highway of tears is a survival horror game that takes place along route 16 British Columbia Canada . You are on your way to visit your family but your car breaks down and you must walk along the route to find "help".

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The Cruel One

It's Christmas morning, But something is wrong, all of your presents are missing. With one clue, you go out of you way to get them back.

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The Cruel One 2

The Cruel one is back and has plans to ruin Christmas. You are an independent journalist documenting operations in Santa's workshop. You discover an intruder has broken into the workshop and has plans to get rid of Santa forever.

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