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Meet the brand new re-modeled main character of SkullDive and a lot more!

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Hello guys, about 20 days since the last update, and a lot of stuff is happening to Ripper Games!

First AWESOME notice!
We're now proud to officially announce that Ripper Games is now a Nintendo WiiU official developer.

What does this means?Well, this means that SkullDive will be launched on WiiU!!!!! I can't believe it!

We will work hard to create the best possible experience for this awesome console, and what I can say at the moment is that we will implement exclusive features to it!

Second AWESOME notice!
Twenty days ago I've promised that we will post the new Leo model by our incredible 3D Character Artist Mohammad!, well...
Here it comes! (Warning HUGE image)

And for the ones that have lost the concept arts from the last post, here they come!

Click on the images to enlarge!

Old Oddleans - The main city - HUB

Leo facial expressions


New Leo and Annie artwork!
That's all for now, but keep an eye on us for more awesome news!


Ripper Games Team!

Gn0meSlice - - 568 comments

DUDES. This is incredible news. Congrats on getting the WiiU upcoming as a platform, that's amazing. And the new 3D model is awesome! The character seems a lot more refined now, and definitely more like an actual 'character' than a prop. Can't wait to see where this goes!

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robertwiggin Author
robertwiggin - - 52 comments

Thanks bud, we're working hard on it!
Soon there will be more stuff to show! ^^

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MegapiemanPHD - - 22 comments

Does this mean that Skulldive will only be on the Wii U or do you plan on releasing it on other platforms, like the PC, as well?

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robertwiggin Author
robertwiggin - - 52 comments

Hello mate!
SkullDive will be available on PC and WiiU as well!

We're going to try to release it at the same time on both platforms(that will be crazy hard) :)

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