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Another big, fresh and free update for MarZ Rising is finally here. The long awaited skirmish mode brings a whole lot of re-playability, fun experiences and new challenges to MarZ Rising.

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Another big, fresh and free update for MarZ Rising is finally here. The long awaited skirmish mode brings a whole lot of re-playability, fun experiences and new challenges to MarZ Rising. To celebrate this new update, we’ve cooked up a nice trailer! Crank up the volume to 11 and check it out here:


In Skirmish mode, you can experience all campaign maps with new challenges. Customize the game and experiment with what you can stand. Each type of enemy can be set by a weight, which defines the spawn probability.
So if you want to play a game only against walkers, simply set the weight of the walker to 100 and every other enemy type to 0. If you feel lucky, you can generate the weights randomly according to three difficulties. The system behind the skirmish mode always makes sure that the spawn count of enemies is fair. That means that the spawn count of boss enemies won’t ever be as high as for weaker enemy types. Additionally you can set the Zombie masses, from tiny to huge, and the interval timings between waves. Long intervals means the game play session becomes longer and also a bit less frantic.

All the enemy wave settings are being generated by a random seed which can be set as well. Furthermore you can also set your start resources, difficulty level and – insert drum roll – game modes. We plan to add one additional game mode to skirmish upon our full release called outbreak. This game mode will spawn, unlike the wave mode, all enemies at once. You will have enough time to build up your defense base and you’ll have the possibility to build barricades as well. Outbreak will be a fast and fun game mode for sure!


Along with the skirmish mode, we have implemented something very entertaining for Twitch streamers.
The Twitch mode is an additional mode where viewers have the possibility to vote for different actions which can sabotage or support a streamer’s current game. Twitch mode works in the campaign as well as in the skirmish mode.

Vote to build a wave
From time to time, viewers can vote for enemies to build up an extra challenging wave. The enemies will be tagged with the viewers names according to who voted for them.

Call for support
Streamers can call the community for help every now and then. Calling for help brings up an additional poll where viewers are able to vote for additional building materials, 3 extra crew members, one free nuke or just nothing… You know where this is going, right? ;)

Additional actions
Every time-based action in Twitch mode can be accelerated by special commands. For example, a research in the tech center can be accelerated by typing #research, or reinforcement can be accelerated by typing #reinforce in the chat.


We have improved some blood particle effects as well as the machinegun shoot particle effects. Firing on zombies feels so much more satisfying now!


This is something no one really likes to hear, right? Fear not, the current price won’t change in Early Access. But, based on all the new features we’ve added since September 2017 and the additional features which will come (map editor), we will raise the price upon full release to 24.99€. This is a heads up for all of you who are considering buying MarZ Rising but haven’t taken the plunge just yet.
We will make an additional announcement regarding the price increase right before full release.


Our next steps will be to fully concentrate on our full release. This means, we will work on further polishing, bug fixing and additional features. The full release version will contain a very nice map editor where you can create your own maps. The map editor will allow you to sculpt your terrain, place enemy spawn points and more. All created maps can be played in the skirmish mode and shared via Steam workshop. Of course we’ll make sure that the editor will be nicely integrated into the game.

We also like to mention that we have fixed some additional bugs thanks to your (community) bug reports! Keep them coming! And please let us know your thoughts on the new skirmish mode too. Any feedback is very welcome and can be discussed with us in the Steam forums.

As always share the news, tell your friends – any support is very much appreciated! :)

If you want to stay updated about further development of the game you can also follow us on our social media channels here:

Marc: Twitter
Miriam: Twitter
MarZ Rising: Twitter
MarZ Rising: Facebook
MarZ Rising: Instagram

Thank you and have fun playing!
Miriam & Marc
Over and out!


  • New: Skirmish mode
  • New: Twitch mode
  • New: Blood particle effects
  • ——————————
  • Bugfix: Some smaller bugfixes
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