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Hey people, I'm posting this article because we realy need your help

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Hey people, I'm posting this article because we realy need your help.

To start; as you might have noticed I've used some new skydomes, but appearently they where from Burntstrobe (I'm very sorry that I used your work without permission Burntstrobe) wich means I have to remove those.
However we're also looking for a skinner and LUA coder and if you want to join our team just pm me. For the skinner there are some conditions:
-You must know how to make skydomes (Land+Space)
-You must know how to texture planets.
-Your skins must be good wich means; not too HQ like the Alliance mod (No offense to you Nomada) but also not too 'ugly'.
For the LUA coder you'll just have to know how to create custom events and campaign missions.

The next news update will be about the new Tech system and will be posted next friday.


mapayne - - 621 comments

megavin. You might be hard pressed to find anyone who can competantly do both these but a couple of suggestions. Don't limit yourself to one place. Remember that not everyone comes to MODDB, and don't think in "2-dimension". What I mean by this is don't limit yourself just to the EAW community. Try others as well including CGI artists. The broader you make the skydome request the better. Also EaW/FoC isn't the only game that uses LUA. Finally, if all else fails you may have to do what alot of modders have done. Learn to do it yourself. It may take your mod longer to get out to the masses, but in the end at least you know you can do it.

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megavin123 Author
megavin123 - - 1,024 comments

Okay, but where can I find modding tools and where can I get a tutorial for them?

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