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The latest update on Six O'Clock High as of 13/07/2013.

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Holy crap I'm terrible at keeping dev logs. I've been working on this a lot, it's taking longer than expected to finish but that's usually the way it goes isn't it?

I've done another pass over a lot of the graphics. The huge pixelation on some of the foreground clouds were bugging me, so I replaced them with more selectively-pixelated graphics. I've also changed the colours again slightly, made everything a touch more yellow/golden/sepia:

Six O'Clock High

But perhaps more importantly I've added zeppelins!

Six O'Clock High

Six O'Clock High

More to come soon!

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is this going to be like sopwith with bomb dropping and stuff? or just in the sky? looks really good

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ColePowered Author
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Thanks! There are no bombs in this game unfortunately. I wanted to keep it really simple so it's all about the flying. If it's a success I'd definitely consider making a more in depth game, as I've loved working with the WW1 aviation theme.

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