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SITREP on our first full month. Its been a rough month, high and low points. But it has been fun every step of the way.

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Ok ok so really we have been a group for over a month (started on dec 23rd). But this is our first full month (day one of that month to the last day of that month) of being a team. Its been bumpy but nothing big at all. So lets recap:

The forums: in lets than 30 days our thread dedicated to ideas and suggestions reached 10 pages, we got our own private section for development. On the darker side we got hit with a spam storm that slowly led to a few members getting mod status on the site

Coders: We have two coders, our original coder Kamori moved on. He felt he was weighing us down and decided to come forward and tell us he could not handle the port rather than delaying us. We hope to have him back soon. Moduspwnens, a brilliant person with a great education, she is our side coder, she will from time to time make programs to make our lives easier. So far she has created a IMC2 generator for us. Vincent I will use his name a lot because I can not, for the life of me, remember his forum name. He is our main coder, currently more than half way through with the port. He will also work with Jeremys team when they start the big stuff. He has 6months internship at a game company under his belt so we have no doubt we have put this job in the right hands.

Maps: Me and rukus shared similar opinions on some of the maps in insurgency. We and some of the community feel that some maps need to be retired or refurbished. We completely agree on this statement, and some of the more popular maps will get a much needed "pick me up" or a honorable fair well. Rukus has also taken on one of the maps we found and decided to take it on as a side project. Zeak is currently working on prototypes (non coding) for new game modes and concepts.

Media: We have put up some great pictures of weapons on the media page. The last non renders on that page were made by Zeak. We have two sound pieces our Sound Engineer reactor will redo or just create new pieces.

Heres some other news: Our new 2d artist, Wooj, has taken on the project of updating all the HUD icons and bars. This goes from every little detail on top center bar to the loadout sections and more.

We also did some dusting, we found bits and pieces of old and outdated HUD icons, entities, and game modes. My personal favorite are the "bandage" feature, and the mantling. Mantling is being able to hurdle over small walls and objects. BOO YAH.

Im probably missing something. So I will update this for a few days :P

p0w3rs - - 300 comments

yay mantling FTW i would like to see tht
i have 2 questions
are u guys gonna add new weapons?
and are u guys gonna add more squads and have a squad communication?

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Rukus_ - - 660 comments

Its quite likely that Submachine Guns will be implemented into INS.

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thehotsauce Author
thehotsauce - - 38 comments

new weapons yes. If you looked at our pictures you would know. And there already is squad comms. We will most likely expand on them anyways.

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ciastoludek - - 165 comments

Mantling! <3

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p0w3rs - - 300 comments

i have a question 1 more time
for a the sniper class
is it only gonna be a squad designated marksman weapon (m14)
or like a sniper weapon (m24)

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Kody94 - - 77 comments

Sounds good, Mild. :)
Good luck on the project!

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