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I have been hired as an in industry artist working on Sins II, this has left me with little time to mod. With that said DOTR has been halted, for now.

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Howdy folks, its been a while. Life has been busy lately and by now most of you are aware of Sins of a Solar Empire 2. The announcement was put up through discord and social media several days ago.

The PCgamer link

The website

Some of you might be aware through our discords that I got a job in the video game industry, what most of you were unware of is that I got hired as a technical artist working on Sins of a Solar Empire 2. With that in mind I have had to make the decision to put DOTR on hold until my workload slows down. I simply don't have time to mod right now. Im still around and can answer what ever questions I can, but simply have no spare time to put into DOTR. I apologize to any of the fans that were really looking forward to playing this with all the updates were posting a little while back. We still plan to do an update of our last release with an updated UI and some quality of life improvements but I cannot give an accurate timeline for that.

Thank you

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GeneralKong - - 542 comments

its awesome to hear that you got a job working on Sins 2, while it is a shame to have DOTR halted, its completely understandable

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ricke - - 236 comments

Congratz on the job!
well deserved!

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deathtrooper900 - - 780 comments

Talk about an upgrade! Sad to see the mod on hold, but I'm very excited to see Sins 2 and its awesome to know that they have their eyes on some of the best people to work on it1

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mdsnyder1975 - - 66 comments

Freaking awesome dude! Gotta say, your models are easily some of the best I've ever seen, so well deserved position!

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CanadaMan7 - - 2,586 comments

Congrats, man! You absolutely deserve it

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Raygoza - - 1,639 comments

Feels like you're in a good place, I wonder if there are concerns with the game direction this early in the way of us sins fans could help raising concerns.

Are you internally able to give feedback on its development and direction?

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dalekKharn - - 338 comments

Sad that the mod is being put on hold but massive congrats on working on sins 2! Amazing glad you got it as your very talented.

I knew a few of the modding community had been hired. Again massive congrtas

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masterdude94 - - 741 comments

Wow congrats!!! That's freaking awesome!

Sad that the mod is being halted, but as always, IRL comes first.

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onyxthef - - 1 comments

Congratulations man!!! Had many good times playing this mod and looking forward to playing Sins 2. Good luck with everything you do

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