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At long last, the most feature-rich RPG Management Sim on planet Earth gets a MAJOR update. Details inside!

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Here we are! Another successful design cycle and a massive amount of improvements to Sim Hero.

First, we'd like to thank our Kickstarter backers and others who have helped us shape the game into the best-in-genre offering we have today. Special thanks also go out to Venka who helped me with the GUI changes and so much more - you're a rockstar!

Alright, let's get down to brass tacks.

The final v2.0 featureset is in place and it includes the first "top end" castles we planned to add to Sim Hero. Each one is not only the visual centerpiece of your settlement, but provides unique benefits.

top castles

Choosing the Crafting Guild as your palace, for example, will increase crafting skill in your settlement:

Crafting Guild

We do hope to expand upon this list of epic castle upgrades in the coming months, as we have a TON more castle ideas and graphics to match.

Full patch notes are below, but the other major feature of note is the "Statistics" feature which we stealthed into v2.0 right under the wire. It wasn't planned (we didn't hit that stretch goal from the Kickstarter campaign), but it was just too darn important not to try and implement. It's not where we eventually want it (with a "hall of fame" leaderboard), but it's there and working:


Head on over to the Downloads section to grab the FULL game for FREE and let us know what you think on the forums.

Sim Hero boasts oldschool gameplay and over 82 different classes (which results in over 6500 different class combos with multiclassing). Heroes develop as they adventure across their 8 primary attributes (raise & lower). Heroes can also be sent for training, possibly learning 1 or more of the over 60 unique talents and/or developing their 8 primary attributes further.

With many, many hundreds of skills and thousands of pieces of loot -- almost any imaginable character is possible in Sim Hero, and some of that development will be "organic". Death is permanent but glory lasts forever! Happy Adventuring...

Without further ado, full patch notes:

Sim Hero v2.0.0


- Updated the GUI. Massive overhaul.

- Optimized code where possible

Completed Content:

- Added a "Take Action" command to the castle. Once per event cycle, you may take a special action here as your monarch (gain xp, gain jp, etc).

- There's now an option to dismiss heroes from service (it's in the Monarch Actions).

- Added an "Envoy Action" which is available from the Embassy once per event cycle (like the Monarch action). You may send your leader or champion on a diplomatic mission to a race you've met. They will try to assist that neighbor diplomatically (with their WIL), but if that fails they will need to fight. Good way to get XP, Relations and sometimes valuable trade goods.

- Added a "Statistics" screen to the Hero Status menu. Here, you can see how many kills the hero has, how many adventures they've undertaken and so much more!

- Added more events... many more events. Some events that were added were specifically to help with the early game, such as wandering heroes potentially joining for free!

- Added a "Technique" system whereby each hero can learn & set their fighting style. Technique Points (TP, used for some skills) are carried over from battle to battle but reset after an adventure. Many classes have Techniques they can learn to set their fighting strategy.

- Added ultimate castle upgrades: Medieval Castle, Trade City, Grand Temple, Crafting Guild, Grand Tower, Mother Oak

- Added classes: Witch Hunter, Mercenary Guard, Hermit, Wilderness Guide, Master, Blitzer, Philosopher
- Re-Added Previously removed classes: Scholar, Soul Watcher, Soul Defender, Soul Mage, Crossbowman

- Added a few new unique heroes

- Added a METRIC TON of new loot to find, buy & equip -- including all Kickstarter v2.0 contributor content.

- All 4 watchtowers are upgradeable now, allowing for a built-in +4 total defense (to lessen the need for as many guards)

- Hunting Lodge fully upgradeable now, including a bonus to Hunter Villagers

- Added a Potion of Forgetfulness which can be found in dungeons. Unlearns all skills on a hero (except XP Boost).

- The Quarry is now upgradeable (grants overall crafting skill bonuses)


- MOST villagers yield double the output now, to speed things along

- Raised base HEARTBEAT Healing & MP Recovery by 5 (heroes heal & recover MP faster)

- Crafting cost lowered from 100 of the resource to 50 of the resource

- Most buildings have reduced resource requirements to build/upgrade (especially at the lower levels)

- The SHRINE reworked to allow you to pick a patron god(dess), craft holy symbols and perform miracles (it was tied to a rare unique event before - no longer!)

- Basic attacks now only give 1 TP instead of 5. TP is now primarily gained thru the new "technique" system.

- Adventure times greatly reduced - your parties will now return home more quickly than ever. This effect is greater on lower level dungeons.

- Honor Duels won't trigger if your leader is low on HP (some other event will)

- All crafted Brass weapons gained TP Charge^. Blue crafted Wood weapons gained TP Regen^.

- All Dungeons now display their name and level when the mouse is hovered over them

- Relations with neighbor races now slowly degrade over time... very slowly. Gives incentive to assign diplomats and send envoys (with the new envoy system).

- Increased the chance for "unique" events to happen, added/changed a few

- Increased loot drop rates in dungeons

- All adventuring parties are now the same size and ALL can get to 5 members once the NorthEast region is
unlocked. All adventuring parties are unlocked at game start.

- GreatHall unlocks earlier to allow for Champions earlier

- Crafting Badges cost reduced by half. Split into Tier 1 & 2 classes. Guard hall now has an extra upgrade level to accommodate.

- Villagers reproduce more often

- For "battle" events, the following changes were made:
--- Buffed the effect of your Guard Capt. defeating the enemy leader. (ie: it gives you a larger bonus now towards winning those types of events)
--- If you lose, Happiness can be lost as well (later gamestages only)
--- If any of your guard villagers survive, there is a chance for a War Hero to emerge and join your hero ranks
--- You can lose more than 1 guard during these events, even if you win (though winning and the guard captain can reduce this chance)


- If an event is "due" while you are in the menus, the heartbeat will pause until the event is handled

- Battle AI fixes (unnecessary healing fixed, healers ignoring grievously injured allies fixed)

- "True Horseman" ability fixed, no longer causes a crash

- Random shield unequips (if it's still happening, try to let us know what dungeon you were in)

- Fixed numerous items, buildings, typos and many minor "cosmetic" things

- Fixed the food spoiling event not reducing food early in the game

- Fixed Battle Event victories which were causing undue pop/resource loss (it'll still happen, but it wasn't meant to be that common)

- Removed vestigial Hero Status menu option: "Retitle"

Known Bugs/Issues:

- XP and new heroes don't show up IMMEDIATELY on the HUD (you might need to wait a few seconds). We'll get that fixed.

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