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Strategy Livestream: Siege! with GM Rikoo and ArteFore: What is sieging?

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Sieging a player's city is a complex business, with many intricacies

GM Rikoo and player ArteFore go over what a siege is and how to pull it off! How blockades are important to the mix as well as techniques to overcome sieges in this strategy livestream:


this game is not for the faint of heart, its very military minded game in real time. elfs are rosting on an open fire and the the wolfs are nippeing at your toes. old war song carols bein sung by
by a the slaves, and the folks dressed up like dwarfs. every body knows, some human and and orcintoes
help too make the season blite, tiny cobolts with eyes all aglow, will find it easy too sleep tonight
knowing that the GM,s are on there way they are loaded with ress and many goodies in there
slays, and all of us are going too spy,
too see if they really can fly.
so im offering u this simple phrase
from us too all of you.
and thou its been said many times and many ways welcome too eilly all of YOU :D but if u really want a great game this is the one if u dare

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