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All stock maps in Battlefront II will have support for the Battlefront Chronicles sides.

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I recently took a huge chunk out of the workload for this project - namely, adding support to all stock maps and modes for the sides featured in Battlefront Chronicles. That involved some enjoyable tasks (creating new skins, setting up new units/vehicles) and some mind-numbingly dull tasks (writing line after line after line of code for the game to load everything). At any rate, I'm largely done now. All stock maps now have at least rough-draft versions of their sides. That means the sides are completely playable and have all of their basic features, but might be missing some special units or minor visual details. You can see the new sides in action in the screenshots below!

Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Battlefront Chronicles is set up as an "era mod." The mod's custom sides are available in their own custom eras (e.g., "BFC Clone Wars"), which means that you can still play as the stock sides in the original Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras, therefore maintaining online compatibility. This setup has been used in many big mods for Battlefront II, such as ARC_Commander's Battlefront Extreme and Maveritchell's Dark Times.

With this update, I've gotten a big, tedious step out of the way. Now I can focus on the fun stuff: creating new maps and finishing off the sides. It's still a long road ahead, but it will be an enjoyable drive from here on out!

Beskamir - - 7,049 comments

Sounds great!! I hope, no I know that you will complete this mod.

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morgoth780 - - 133 comments

bf extreme is the best bf2 mod i've played, but I bet this one will be better

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