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Just a little extra that needs to be said. Thankyou's and post notes, everything you need to know while we are getting re-started.

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I have, three things to say in this post, that I thought I shouldn't mention in the last.

I will be getting a new computer soon, this one isn't very good and Homeworld 2 doesn't always work, it also lags on simple tasks, so its not very easy to learn blenders interface.

Thanks for all the watchers who have came back with your support, I appreciate this.

I am probably going to change the "Storyline" somewhat. To make the Terrans as basic a race as I want them waiting for the sun to explode is simply waiting to long. So therefor I will remake a story on that they left due to the fact that Earth isn't able to inhabit them anymore, expect a fan fiction on this.

Thankyou for reading.


P.S. I would also like you all to welcome my co-leader "TheCakes".

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