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This week we bring you four new videos showing some of our mechanics and updates to the game.

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This week we will be showing how the Lucifer and Raphael weapons work. A small update on the weapon switch function and the new feature for our combo shop.

Starting off with Demon Blade Lucifer:

Next, we have Angel Blade Raphael:

In previous versions, we add to pick up and manually swap the weapons but now the weapons swap themselves out depending on what attack input is given. Later this will include a voice line to match up with the lore of the game.

And our final video for this week is about our combo shop. The player can interact with the weapons ( for now we have a temporary asset filling this position) and pay them in the time the player has left to obtain the memories of how previous weapon owners used them to fight to complement the lack of experience the main character has in using weapons.

For this week this is all that we have that is worth showing. We add a delay on the creation of our own animations so we can't show them for now but might be possible for next week's update.

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