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This is a data showcase of photos and info for the Current and most complete version of Link to the Doom, and for the Heretic version.

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Link to the Doom is a Weapons and Monsters replacement mod designed for any map or mapset that relies on Classic spawns of monsters and weapons.

Title pic

Heretic version showing inventory

Thief hitting an Octorok

Princess shooting the Firewand Primary Fire

Showing the Flavor Text and KingSlayer

The Demo Video for Heretic version, But its just an adapted version of the Doom version 3.5

The Main Info directly from the Readme included in the Mod.

6/9/21--- Upadate to Version 3.5
1. Updated Beastiary Common Enemies: Zol, Gel, Stalfos, Zora, Keese
2. Updated Boss Enemies: Arch-Pyre, Vire Lord, Vire Behemoth
3. Updated Crusader Class: New Sprite for Fun. Updated Silver Sword swing speed. Unique Pain and Death sounds.
4. New interface sounds.
5. Balanced old bugs with enemies being too large: Wendigo, King Wizzrobe, Daemonic Wizzrobe
6. Updated Readme file below.
6/6/21--- Update to version 3.2
1. Redid HUD icon for Health.
2. Made an Inventory system.
3. Added new Inventory items: Fairy, Hylean Potion, Holy Shield, Hylean Wings.
4. Changed graphics and flavor texts for most pickup items.
5. Changed Slayer Class to Crusader: Starts with Vampire Killer Crossbow and Silver Sword. Silver Sword is strong, has extra range.
6. Added new weapons: Vampire Killer Crossbow, Boomstick.
7. Added random spawner to Chainsaw spawn for: Trident, Kingslayer, Vampire Killer Crossbow, Boomstick
8. Rebalanced some weapons: Hylean Crossbow now shoots normal bolts and the Fire bolts on Altfire for 2 bolt cost, Wand now shoots Lightning Bolt, Trident has a melee on Altfire.
9. INfo upadted below.
6/2/21--- Update to version 3.0.
1.Did a massive prettying up of many areas of animations and sounds on Kinglslayer, Linc's sword, Thief Twin Axe, Crossbow sounds, Magic Bow ice arrow graphics and sound.
2.Renamed difficulties and added confirm texts to them.
3. Princess has a new starter Weapon; The Fire Wand: Primary is unlimited which shoots a short range fire. AltFire shoots a small fast fire ball that uses mana ammo.
4. Updated item pickup messages.
5. Kingslayer altfire can now be hold fire like Lin'c sword.

5/30/21--- LTTD Version 2.99 release. This is a pretty big update.
1. Rebalanced the monsters. Expanded the monster randomizer to be more balanced and increase a balanced randomization. Added a few more boss monsters: GanohnTaur, King Wizzrobe.
2. Added new Class: Princess: Starts with Wand and Bow.
3. Redone aesthetics on the classes: Linc has new pain sound; All classes now have custom skins; Princess has custom pain and death sounds.
4. Redone the sword graphics on Linc's sword/shield combo.
5. Rewrote main info section below.

5/26/21--- Release of LTTD v2.75---Added monster randomizer coding. added new monsters : Octorok , Leever, Reiver, Baron of Darkness. Added Royal Hylean Trident: weapon update below in main description.

5/14/21--- Release of LTTD V2.5-- Did a major gameplay update and rebalance of weapons as follows:
1. Wizard has a new starter weapon-- Magic Gauntlets that have a melee and altfire that shoots triple burst Magic Missile that uses Magic ammo
2. Bombs are now a new weapon: Replaces Rocketammo spawns and used by all classes. Primary fire is hold to throw harder+ bounce. Altfire is a hard throw that explodes on contact.
3. Bow now shoots Ice Arrow on the altfire.
4. Crossbow now shoots Lightning Arrow on Altfire
5. Thief start weapon is now the Twin Axe.
6. Slayer can now equip the Kingslayer.
7. Barrels can now drop Bombs.

4/25--- Realease of LTTD V2.0 Classes!!! And monster rebalance. All updated in the Main Description Below!!!


Advanced engine needed : GZDOOM
Primary purpose : Single player

Title : Link to the Doom

Author : Kalensar
Other Files By Author : 2Tuff2 NTMAI; Doom Thoth ; Perfect Dark Brutal Doom, SMEXUNMON, Doom ReBUVRO

Misc. Author Info : Rabid Editor

Description : TC Monsters and Weapons pack

Link to the Doom
This is a Total Conversion for Doom 1 and Doom 2. It's inspired by Legend of Zelda.
No Nintendo resources were used in this production.

Link to the Doom is an overhaul of Medieval Doom. Practically everything has been overhauled in one form or another,
and custom monsters and weapons have been added from Realm 667 and tweaked by myself to give the best feel possible.

The evil Ganohn has taken control of "insert whatever" and it is your
task to fight off the army of evil full of Moblins and other strange magical enemies. You have 5 classes to choose from.

AUTHOR NOTE: --- My Advice: This mod has a custom difficulty settings. It is HARD from Normal on up even to me as it's creator. If you want the most balanced experience then start as Linc because his Shield will give you plenty of breathing room. Enable Jumping, and use the secondary Status Bar, not the vanilla status bar with Doomguy's face showing. Break every barrel you come across because they are basically Loot Chests. The Staff altfire is a Healing Spell that can heal you up to 200 health max. GZDOOM can open Zip files. Just drag and drop the newest version. This mod works with any map sets that run vanilla monsters and weapons. Bind Inventory Buttons so you can use the Inventory Items: Potion, fairy, Holy Shield, Hylean Wings


Linc- Magic Shield + Sword: A sword that swings in a wide arc. The altfire does a short charge up animation AND CAN BE HELD by holding Altfire before it releases a blistering sword combo followed by an explosion wave. No ammo needed. While SHIELD is showing you are INVINCIBLE.

Princess: Starts with Hylean Wand and Hylean Bow. Starts with Fire Wand: Primary is unlimited which shoots a short range fire. AltFire shoots a small fast fire ball that uses mana ammo.

Thief- +25% MOVE SPEED. Twin Axe: Thief default weapon. No Alt Fire. Melee only.

Wizard- Starts with Magic Gauntlets: Primary fires a melee attack that also vampire Health back into you. . Altfire is triple burtst Magic Missile that uses Mana. Starts with 300 Mana.

Crusader- A lone warrior battling the undead: Silver Sword: Only a mainfire attack. Vampire Killer: Only a Mainfire Attack

WeaponSlot 1, Kingslayer, Magic Gauntlets for Wizard
WeaponSlot 2, Default per Class, Mace for Princess
WeaponSlot 3, Boomstick,Bow
WeaponSlot 4, Crossbow, VampireKiller
WeaponSlot 5, Hammer, Bombs
WeaponSlot 6, wand,Trident
WeaponSlot 7, BFB(Big Freezing Book

Weapons to be found:

Hylean Bow: A Magic bow that shoots a Freezing arrow on the Altfire that uses mana ammo shared with the wand and costs 5 mana per shot. You can press and hold and release with both firing types.

Hylean Cross: Fires bolts. Altfire shoots an Exploding Fire Bolt. replaces Shotgun spawn.

Volcano Hammer: Hybrid Melee and Ranged Weapon. Altfire throws an exploding hammer. main fire swings a slow melee attack that also does a damaging shockwave centered on you, but doesn't hurt you.
Relaces the Rocketlauncher spawn.

Hylean Wand: straighforward and simple weapon Primary Fire shoots a piercing Lightning Bolt. Alt fire casts a Healing Spell that can give you 25 hp per casting up to Max 200 health. Mainfire costs 1 mana per shot, heal spell costs 24 mana per cast. Replaces Plasmagun spawn.

Book Freezing Book: A magic Tome that fires a freezing cloud. Replaces BFG. Altfire shoots BFG Ball. Main Fire costs 15 mana per click. BFG Ball costs 40.

KingSlayer: Replaces the Chainsaw. A two handed cool looking sword. main fire swings super fast. Altfire does a short sound time charge up that cen be held until release and shoots a strong fireball. No ammo needed.

Royal Hylean Trident- Has only a primary fire. Used by all classes except Slayer. uses Mana ammo. AltFire is a melee attack. Poke Poke.

Vampire Killer: A strong Crossbow that fires fast. No altfire

BoomStick: A single barrel shotgun that reloads fast. Uses arrow ammo due to a magic primer.


Hylean Potion: a Purple Potion that reflls your health to 100 when used. Automatic use if in Inventory when health goes below 50.

Fairy: Works the same as Hylean Potion

Holy Shield: Must activate manually. Fills Health to 200 and You get a Magical SHield aura that absorbs 100% damage while it lasts.

Hylean Wings: You now have the power of Flight when you activate these.


MONSTER Cast: monsters are now randomized. This doesn't mean an Imp Spawn will spawn a Cyberdemon level monster.

WoodenBarrel replaces normal barrels: destroy to pick up ammos, weapons and food. All randomized. Sometimes Bees infest these!!!!

Stalfos: A naked skeleton that is melee only

Zol: a solid shadow with a nasty taste for meat. When it dies it spits out Gels.

Gel: A smaller version of Zol but doesnt do death spawns.

Zora: a Snake creature that shoots energy balls

Keese: a giant aggressive spectral Bat.

Stalfos Knight: Throws axes.

Octorok: Tentacle monster that is never caught off guard and shoots red balls.

Leever: Melee only monster that sinks below the floor and attacks in close.

Moblins: Little armored imps that melee and shoot arrows.

Wizzrobe: Flying wizard that is invisbile until hit or attacks

Moblin WarLord: Bigger Moblin that shoots many arrows at once.

Fallen Hylean Legionairre: A heavy armored melee only warrior. Deflects attacks from the front.

Goriya: Giant 2 headed troll that throws maces.

Gibdo: giant mummy that shoots a partially seeking projectile.

Wendigo: Ice monster

Daemonic Wizzrobe: Ground demon lady that shoots a wave of fireballs.

Gargoyle: Replaces Lost Soul

Reiver: undead flying wizard that shoots fireballs

Vhampire: Flying Cloaked dude that shoots bats and gargoyles.

AquaMentis: a mean lizard fire breather

Maulotaur; Bipedal bull that can ram and throws fireballs.

BOSS MONSTERS: These guys are also randomized. SpiderMastermind is replaced by Ganohn/Cheoghganon or GanohnTaur. Ganohn never replaces a Cyberdemon spawn.
Likewise: Archvile spawns will be a Boss Monster that is most appropriate to Archvile spawns.

Vire Lord: A powerful monster of shadow and fire. Only able to be hit when it is still.

Vire Behemoth: a juggernaut of power. Hard fight.

Arch-Pyre: A Demon of fight and lightning.

Baron of Darkness: The chiefs of Ganohn's minions.

King Wizzrobe: Rides an Aquamentis and will fire lots of different projectiles.

GanohnTaur: The OG Maulotaur of Heretic.

Ahganim: Black robed Wizard

Ganohn and Cheoghganon : This is a 2 Phase fight that works on E3M8!!!! This fight is really hard.


Special Thanks : Medieval Doom @ zdoom forum
Post by Lagi

Realm667 repository for: Vampire Monster, Crimson Disciple, Cheogh, Converterted Legionnaire, Thor, Magic Bow, Frag Grenades,
Crash monster soundfiles, Heaven Guard, Trash Monsters, Hornet, Azazel, Dune Warrior, DaggerfallSkeleton,
Impaler CrossBow, Succubus, Western Shotgun. Firewand

Conan The Barbarian: Warrior of Doom(Beta 8)
Postby xenoxols at Zdoom forum For Shield sprite and Skull Sword sprites and Greatsword.

CastleVania Simons Destiny by Batandy
for Dracula sprites and Giant Bat, CSD sounds.


* What is included *

New levels : No
Sounds : Yes
Music : No
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : No
Other files required : Doom2.wad ; Doom.wad; or Freedoom wads

* Play Information *

Game : Any doom wad
Single Player : Designed for

Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : YES!
Tested : GZDoom

* Construction *

Base : From scratch
Build Time : 4 days
Editor(s) used : GZDoom, GIMP, Notepad, Slade
Known Bugs : None

* Copyright / Permissions *

Edit it all you want because that is what I did. This is a labor of love that I built
at home for extra challenge. It's only right that I share it and allow it to be shared.

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