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Shootmephrenica is a small experimental First Person Shooter game in which you have to shoot no one but yourself but it is not as easy as it sounds...

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You will find yourself in a glitched out mysterious world where your companion the gun is the only consistence that can be trusted. Carefully shoot on reflective panels to make your bullet ultimately come back to you and hit you in your ragdoll first person face. Make perfect trickshots, figure out how to reflect the bullet over multiple panels and run and jump to catch your bullet!

Shootmephrenia Shootmephrenia
Shootmephrenia Shootmephrenia

There is only way to escape this nightmarish realm created by a mad game developer: you have to kill yourself!

This game has been made as a part of the 7DFPS game jam. It is made with the new Unreal Engine 4 and features: trippy effects, crazy ragdoll animation, very shiny metals, bloom 2.0 and a Picture-In-Picture ragdoll bald head view. There is also a bullet camera which also comes with super slomo:

If you find it to be a problem to kill yourself in a video game think about all the other people you have killed for one second!


Then you are good to go!

Download Mirrors:
Toco Games:

If it is something that you like to get made into a full game with lots more crazy stuff and a actual story let me know in the comments.


Heh, kinda like my Room mod for Doom II.

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Davision Author

Ha, that mod seems to make it very straightforward to kill yourself. You can't point your gun at yourself and pull the trigger in Shootmephrenia. Because in most FPS the gun just rotates with the body. :)

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