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Learn how the different functions of the Rocket Launcher work. Then imagine blasting your friends with the laser guided functions.

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I uploaded a video today showcasing the Rocket Launcher in Silas. I want this to be a part of a video series I will be doing on the weapons and their cool functions. Every weapon in Silas has 2 functions, but the Rocket Launcher is special and has 3. Silas has 18 weapons in all.

You can see it in action here:

As you can see from the above video - the rocket launcher kicks some serious ass.

Rocket Launcher Details:

- First function shoots rockets
- Secondary uses laser guided system to control the trajectories
- Second function shoots torpedos
- Secondary uses laser guided system to control the torpedos

- Damage is area based, meaning one explosion can hurt multiple people at once
- Damage is a high typically takes only a few rockets to kill someone
- Rocket launcher is best against ground targets
- Rocket launcher is decent against air targets, however, you must have a good aim for this

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Those are some pretty cool features. Looks like a lot of fun, and thats good cause the rocket launcher should always be one of the more entertaining weapons. By the way, the video would be way more exciting if you didn't sound so tired.

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What Croco said.

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This looks amazingly fun! :D

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exaltstudios Author

haha thanks guys! It is a really wicked weapon when your playing online with people, so much stratgies with just it.

btw - I agree, the voicework is pretty much terrible. I guess I did do that pretty late at night, so next time I'll try and get more into the talking and maybe an energy drink. Plus the mic I'm using isn't that great since my audio hardware busted and no money to fix(yeah sure.. blame it on the mic). ;)

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