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I'm trying to post an update every months. The development is still slow, but it's moving at a steady pace, which is really good for my spirit :) In this post, I'll talk about the new auto-collision feature, the new snake enemy type and the new player orientation types and animations. Enjoy!

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Some news about the development of the SHMUP Creator:

You can press “auto” in the collision panel and the 2D collision points will move automatically around the sprite. It’s quick and it works :)

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. I corrected a lot of issues with the player orientation options: the player can stay in the same direction regardless of it moves, it can flip left-right or top-bottom, it can be oriented in the move direction or with the mouse or pad right stick .
. A new feature is that the player sprite can play an animation when the player press a new direction which allows to animate the bank of the player. It’s something you couldn’t do before with the old animation system, and that it’s quite easy to do now.
I still have to draw the new sprites for the player ship banking animation, though, and it’s not easy :)

On of the enemy type is the snake: it’s an enemy made of one or several parts which moves like a snake or a worm… You can use a different object or picture for the head, the body and the tail. Even if its made of several parts its one enemy, at the difference of the pseudo-snake you can create if you spawn a lot of enemies on a path.

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I created the snake and some animated power-ups. Now, I’m working on a turret.

I’m doing some design and UI correction with Mathilde. There are a lot of menus to review, the design of Professor Bulo for the in-game tutorials etc.

Did I mention that I corrected some bugs, like I do in every update?

As always, slow but steady progress. I plan to keep a monthly update rhythm, so stay tuned!

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