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My RA2YR screwed up and now the mod has stalled...

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Okay, so my RA2YR screwed up and I can't freakin' reinstall it to continue with the mod. Dammit! Don't worry though, the mod files are safe. Its just that I don't have RA2YR installed now. The mod will be on hold for some time until I can get my RA2YR up and running again (specifically RA2, since this is where the problem is). Till then, any updates you'll see are mainly graphics and not ingame shots.

Also, I've renamed the mod's name to "Eternal Armageddon: The Devastation". Found this name to be much more fitting for the mod since the mod will have an apocalyptic/Mad Max feel and will not be easily mistaken for YR Devastation, a mod people refer to as legendary. Of course, the banner you see up there will be changed. The story too will be revised (its pretty cliche :P).

THIS MOD IS SIMPLY TO YOUNG TO DIE! So don't worry, the mod is still alive ;) Stay tuned for more updates.

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