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Today, Galactic Crew's first content update after its Early Access start goes live. It contains shipyards you can use to upgrade your ship or buy all kind of weapons. You can buy, loot and equip up to four new weapon turrets, including shield penetrating particle lasers. The game is too dark for you? No problem! Now, you can adjust the game's brightness. Do you want to have epic weapons? You can loot them from any space encounter, if you are lucky enough!

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Galactic Crew is available as Early Access game for one week now and I am happy to welcome the first hundreds of players! Below, you will find a detailed overview over all new features and bug fixes. You may have noticed that the game updated several times this week. I fixed all reported bugs as soon as possible and published the fixes immediately on Steam.


So far, you could retrofit your ship at space stations and trade your goods with them. In addition to the existing space stations, a shipyard will be visible on your map as soon as you start a new game. Shipyards work like space stations, but with two major differences: you can buy all types of weapons and you can upgrade your ship!

While merchants and space stations have a semi-random set of items for sale, shipyards always sell two weapons of all weapon types. So, when you fly to a shipyard you can be sure to buy any weapon turrets available in this game!

When starting a new game, you can select a ship you want to fly. It may take some time to unlock the bigger ships like the Zeus. In the meantime, you can upgrade your ship to a bigger ship class, if you have enough credits.

New weapon turrets

With this update, the number of different weapon turrets has been doubled. The new weapon turrets are: Light Particle Laser, Medium Particle Laser, Heavy Particle Laser and Heavy Sniper Laser.

The Heavy Sniper Laser turret way does more damage than the Heavy Laser Turret, but has a longer cool-down time. The Particle Laser weapons are similar to the normal weapons, but they have the ability to penetrate shields! That means it does not matter how many shield generators your opponent has - your Particle Lasers damage their hull and equipment directly!

Item rarity

When destroying an enemy ship, there is a certain chance to loot one or more of their weapon turrets. Now, there is chance that these looted weapons have an uncommon, rare or even epic rarity. Such weapons deal the same amount of damage as their common counterparts. However, there cool-down time is up to 25% lower resulting in a great DPS (damage per second) boost!


Some players wanted to have an option to change the game's brightness, because it was too dark for them. I added a new option in the game settings to change the brightness. Please note, this option is not available in the main menu settings.


  • The chance to loot an enemy's weapon turrets has been increased.

Bug Fixes

  • The game could crash, when you commit the highscore dialog after a lost space battle while the weapon turrets were reloading.
  • Crew members could disappear after fighting against an enemy merchant or mining vessel.
  • After teleporting your crew back from an enemy ship, the enemy crew was sometimes able to shoot from their ship to the player's ship.
  • While running towards an enemy soldier, crew member's pistoles were floating in the air.
  • After teleporting your crew on a planet, the damage symbols of your weapon turrets were still visible.
  • After returning back to your ship from a planetary mission, crew members sometimes got invisible and unable to execute your orders.
  • The game could crash while teleporting your crew on a planet or while doing a time-consuming action like searching for valuables in a debris field.
  • In two events the player encounters damaged spaceships. When you attacked the ships, they weren't damaged.
  • After losing a game, it was sometimes not possible to create a new one.
  • The game could crash after getting a crew member or after killing one.
  • The camera could get stuck on the planetary mission with the medieval village.
  • The resource panel was not able to display numbers with three digits in a proper way.
  • Dead pirates were not removed from the player's ship after the end of a space combat.
  • Items that were received as an event reward were not displayed in the reward view.
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