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Launching our IndieDB page with some nice screenshots and a playable demo!

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Hello everyone!

If you've been following development of Euclidean here on IndieDB, you may know me as the guy who did that thing. Well, Euclidean's been out for almost a month and a half now -- that's ages, right? -- so it's time for me to show the new thing I've been working on, in addition to the next Alpha Wave game for AAD, The Everton Experiment. But I'm not going to stop at just showing it. I brought a demo.

The Next World is a strategy/visual novel hybrid in the vein of The Banner Saga, with more of an emphasis on planning and decision-making than combat. Other big inspirations include timeless classic Darklands and the astonishing King of Dragon Pass.

This is a new, independent venture under the banner of Illuminated Games, with a brand new team (aside from me):

  • Character Art -- Anastasia R. Balan
  • Background Art -- Savannah McKendree
  • UI Art & Animation -- Kia Azad
  • Cutscene Art -- Salvatore Elvezio
  • Music -- Nicolas Lee

The game centres around the survivors of a colony ship which crashes on a strange new world, struggling to salvage the wreckage and turn it into a liveable colony. This becomes especially important after watching the ship’s message log, which reveals that a massive nuclear attack has left Earth uninhabitable, essentially wiping out the human race apart from these few hundred colonists.

Gameplay involves keeping as many colonists alive as possible by making tough decision, which will include building colony structures, salvaging wreckage, making tough decisions to resolve problems, sending out exploratory missions, and managing supplies/rationing; all while playing through an intense story of political intrigue, sabotage, desperation and survival.

With a full stable of new and excellent people, development on TNW obviously won't affect other AAD and Alpha Wave projects such as FRONTIERS. AAD serves solely as publisher on this one.

Check out our new library of screenshots from the demo, and if you like what you see, give it a whirl. It might be fun!

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