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A look at our new steam page, improvements to rafts and new UI icons.

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Welcome back to our latest blog post – number 12! So what’s been going on since the last blog post?

Shimmer’s coming soon page is now on Steam! It’s taken a hard 11 month’s of work and determination to get to this point with a ton of stumbling blocks and lots of learning but it feels like a huge milestone has been completed – now for the final push before releasing into early access!

You can check Shimmer on steam here:

If you wish list the game I will love you forever!

Apart from a pretty big focus on Steam and marketing efforts since the last blog post I did get some time to make some improvements to the actual game itself. First up is the rafts, check out the following video of the new paddle in action!

Rafts new paddle!:

I also added a little feature so that you can now ‘push’ rafts using the F key. This was to avoid some issues with rafts being stuck in shallow water.

Two new UI icons also made it into the game:

Coconut Water Collector:

1 Coconut Water Collector 256

Drying Rack:

1 Fish Drying Rack 256

I also tweaked the oceans colour again and I am still playing around with clarity to try and get the most pleasing effect. Here is a quick development shot the starting area which shows the water colour:


I also cleaned up some code to make sure all newly integrated items will now save correctly.

From feedback we also had a small issue with campfires not cooking meat correctly, this has now been fixed.

Last for all your media needs we now have a Press Kit!

For an easy to go to reference for all game related art and information:

Until next time!

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