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Progress continues on making TNM and Shifter work together well, and since I was feeling productive I've also figured out how to make Shifter work in the GameTap version of Deus Ex.

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I've been busy working at making Shifter play nice with The Nameless Mod. For the most part it's a straightforward process, simply tracking down the Shifter feature which screws up TNM and recoding it not to work for TNM, or to work differently. Normally I'd balk at adding so many special cases for cross-compatibility with another mod, but TNM is... well, it's not really on the same level as most of the other mods out there. It's worth spending some time and effort to make Shifter play nice, basically.

Anyway, I've not gotten far enough along (in my opinion) to make an official v1.8.2 release, but it's close. Right now I have a bunch of fixes put together into a Beta, not the least of which is the part where the game will actually run when trying to use TNM with Shifter underneath. Within that I've also fixed compatibility with NPC Random Inventory, the "Skills-for-Kills" system, weapon cycling (melee weapons only at this point) and a few other things. More fixes are on the way.

Incidentally, there are some other fixes which were not TNM-related, or at least not purely TNM-related:
- Unrealistic wasn't accessable in the non-english translations of the game because it relied on checking the name of a menu button. Fixed.
- The HDTP facelift will NOT be applied to mod-specific objects/characters/etc. This will fix some of the weird issues in other mods, like the "potted plant rockets" in Zodiac if you have HDTP installed.
- NPC Random Inventory works more efficiently. A LOT more efficiently.

In the second part of this news update, I have discovered a way to run Shifter (and certain other mods like Hardcore, Smoke's Mod, etc.) with the free GameTap version of Deus Ex. So far I HAVEN'T found a way to make the game not load localization files (or load different ones) so some of the text changes that Shifter does will not be present. I'm pretty sure I can find a way around it, but in the meantime the big important part of this -- the new Shifter rules and gameplay -- WILL work with the GameTap version.

The full explanation can be found over at the Off Topic Production forums, but the short version is as thus:

1) Run Deus Ex via GameTap.

2) Hit "T", delete "Say" and enter the command "preferences".

3) Navigate to Advanced -> File System -> Paths.

4) Add a new entry to the TOP of the list that points to a location on your hard drive and searches for *.u files. (e.g. C:\DeusEx\*.u)

5) Put Shifter (or some other mod) in whatever folder you specified and run Deus Ex again.

Like I said, this is a short explanation and may be hard to follow. Check the included link for a fully detailed, step-by-step explanation of what you need to do.

More updates to follow!


Shifter Mod and TNM FTW ;P

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Gonna have to try TNM with Shifter 1.8.2

I read the change log, seems it's mostly fixes/etc. after v.1.7.2, no gameplay stuff.

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Looking back at all of my PerfectDark MISSION'S, now knowing that the one's I wanted to Show, I can't and are the Future, and are still CLASSIFIED.

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