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Belated update. New feature + new decisions + hard working = new version.

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We promised to add spikes...And we did it! To show you how does it look we've made a new map.

Spikes everywhere

As you can see here, spikes can be placed on each side of blocks. Player will loose the ball by touching spikes. Also player will be thrown back.

Spikes hits you

Main menuWe decided to not use launcher. Now we have main menu which you can use to connect to server or adjust video and audio settings.

Main menu Settings
Video settings Audio settings

In submenu "game" you can choose input type: keyboard or gamepad.

Input type Input type 2

Player spawn pointsWe added team spawns. Server automatically adds you to one of teams.

As always, new video

What's next?In next update you will able to start server using client's menu. Also we will add lobby where you can select your team. Goal will be 2 colours to make difference between team goals. Keep watching us ;)

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