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Within Sheol there will be two playable teams with 3 classes on each team. In this news post I talk about the history within the mod of the how the two army's came together and led to how the fantasy world is now.

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Within Sheol there will be two playable teams:

- The Crusaders which has the playable classes of the Brute, Hood, Disciple.
- The Tribe which has the playable classes of the Soul Eater, Vampire and Corrupter.

Each team has one melee class, one healing class and one ranged class.

I want the mod to have a bit of history behind it and so here is a history lesson for the game about the two teams. :D

The Crusaders

The Crusaders are religious juggernaut's who have no mercy for the non-believers. They battle the tribes who look to different gods to worship. Although they believe themselves to be peace bringers their history is one of brutality and death. The disciples are ancient defenders of their faith who use so called miracles to heal their rotting world; although in the past they needed some brawn to protect them.

Many years ago the disciples converted the naive brute's who came from various tribes with promise of a better life. The brute became the strength of the religion blocking any attacks made by the tribes, despite being from them in the first place. The disciples became well known in the world; becoming more powerful they built a city for their god using the brutes to keep peace in the holy city. They came under great pressure and their great city started to crumble, with the city taxes the disciples payed for specialised hitmen to assassinate the rebels and surrounding tribes leaders. These hitmen are known as ‘The Hoods' reference to their hoods they always wear to hide their face. Even with their defences the city continued to be under attack from inside and out, leading to the destruction of nearly all the religion there once was in the dead city.

Years after this bloodbath the city has become a place of trade and is run as a republic, the few living disciples, brutes and hoods have started to gather forces to form a crusade. The Crusaders, although much less powerful than what they once were, plan to bring religion back to the city and rebuild their once great empire.

The Tribe

The Tribe is the plague of death of anyone who thinks to question their doing. Their zombie like army is built of everything hated by the religious Disciples. Although they don't truly have any gods, they worship death as a god. The so called Soul Eaters are one of the main causes for the destruction of the old religious city and are well known for their lack of empathy. Many rumours go around that they eat the souls of their victims which is represented through attaching the hair of their victims to their armour, although many people who don't believe in magic say they only do this so to inject fear into their enemy's while in battle.

Many years ago when the Disciples still had power, the Soul Eaters stormed the great city walls, the swarm of death swept through the streets killing thousands. The brutes came out from the centre to block the swarm from spreading to the heart of the city, blessed by the disciples their power outdid the soul eaters slaughtering them one by one. The soul eaters found themselves massively outnumbered and the few which survived retreated leaving many districts within the city flattened. Night came across the city leaving the blood dripping dead in the streets, the Disciples once hung religious symbols up around the city but burnt to nothing another threat emerged from the darkness. An ancient myth had become real, so called Vampires could see their chance to come out of where they once hid and flooded the city, devouring the body's that still lay there from the battle before. Although their hunger left them blinded to the obvious and as the sun started to rise one by one they went aflame. Only a few managed to get into the depths of the sewers before night fell. They went through the tunnels of the sewers to get away from the city although this only led to a dead end.

It took the Soul Eaters two years to rebuild their army enough to plan another attack and this time it would be different as they now had a leader who was said to be able to see his enemy's attacks even before they think about doing it themselves. This inspired the Soul Eaters to use their knowledge of death to create what would become the corrupter a once dead human who had been given life through sacrificial rituals. This allowed the Soul Eaters to double their ranks. Despite this growth in size the city would still be too strong to simply run in destroying everything, the tribe needed a plan. The tribe leader decided that the element of surprise was the best plan they had, the plan was that they would build a small tunnel through into the city sewers, using these sewers they could attack hit the city heart from below. As it happens the vampires were hiding in the sewers, despite their differences they felt that they both needed each other. Once again the Soul Eaters could use their knowledge of how death works to once again use sacrificial rituals allowing the vampires to survive in daylight.

The few vampires who were left now joined the ranks of the Soul Eaters forming what is now known as The Tribe. Still sticking to the plan they had, The Tribe moved through the sewers into the centre of the city. The city was still half destroyed and only some of it was rebuilt leaving the city extremely vulnerable. That night the city was destroyed from the inside as The Tribe rose from the depths they were hiding. The death of the many Disciples caused the Brutes to flee and with the Disciples unprotected they too fled, The Hoods were no where to be seen as they had vanished from there enemy's on their first glimpse of the army of death. Now organized the tribe left the heart of the city burning and began leaving with as much loot as they could get. For about a year the city was left in ruin and with a stench of death still hovering through. The citizens who had lived under the Disciples had started to build new homes and tend to the poor, the past of the city had already started to leave the minds of those who lived there. Buildings rose quickly and the city started a fresh through trade over sea. The Tribe had succeeded in destroying all religion from the city as now it was free from any over religious leaders.

What is happening now

Now all the cities past has been forgotten, magic is now thought to be a myth and what once happened has been twisted into what was said to be the people of the city overcoming an evil leader to bring a republic with no thought to what death had happened back then. The Crusade has begun, and although a secret to the city at the moment, The Tribe and The Crusaders will soon come out of hiding and fight for the rule over what is said to be the holy city. But things are not as simple as this for there are other threats to the city which could destroy it, destroying all magic that is still held within the deepest depths of the old ruins. The two army's can work together on saving the city or what both of them want will be devoured into the depths of the past.

So... Who will you fight for?


That's some great pice of story there, great job, and it kinda sounds like Israel vs Palestine... not sure why ._.

But still, great job, I like the idea of The Tribe. Give Soul Eaters axes and we are good to go.

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Damn, that's a very original story you have come up with there. I think it would be neat if you added a third faction, the people from the city defending themselves from both factions, a sort of neutral faction that just wants to be free. That would be neat, just a suggestion.

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drimp Author

In the game there will only be two playable factions which are the two said here. Although the city's past has been forgotten now by all the people who live in the city and as they have now become much more free they allow both the factions in, I may make it that they have to gain control over the city as the city will be a pvp area but we'll see. Also there will be the arena within the city where I may make it so you gain reputation with the people of the city. There will be other enemy's which are a threat to the city and want to destroy it which would be a disaster to both factions, so you may see both factions teaming up at the final mission.

I haven't really thought over these other enemy's yet. You could give some ideas if you want :D

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