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Just some quick info on the state of this mod due to repeated questions.

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This mod is currently in planning and is waiting on either myself learning how to fill the gaps left on the more artistic end, or on a professional gifted in that sort of thing to accomplish what I cannot. I do intend to make this someday, but until you see actual in game assets and other updates please assume she is still on the ground floor. I just figured I would give an actual article declaring the state of things rather than leaving the Zeon unit list on the featured article spot so people will not have to scroll past its bulk to comment. If you are a gifted Creator do not allow the existence of this page deter you from starting your own UC mod, and further all my ideas posted are fair game if you'd like to use them, even to the point of copying. I will be starting college sometime soon and graphic design and coding classes are definitely on the itinerary. Until then this baby sleeps.

I apologise for this taking up space on the main EAWFOC modding page as a very irrelevant update.

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