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New demo build v0.028 is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux (64bit).

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Hi all, build v0.028 is ready for testing which includes a new area to explore, tons of bugfixes, improvements and also a new enemy on the last area.

You can download the build here:

Here's a video showing Shawy Adventures gameplay:

Changelog (v0.025 to v0.028):

  • New area to explore.
  • Controls can be changed now, max of two inputs per action.
  • Bats will stop pursuing shawy when he has gone far.
  • This is a secret commit ;).
  • Shawy can hold air a bit longer under water.
  • Design improvements on several areas.
  • Fixed bug with spider web spell.
  • Fixed player facing bug after changing areas.
  • Shawy will explain how to lookup or down if the player doesn't use those commands.
  • Older savegames are incompatible now.
  • Separated key mapping from UI keys to in-game keys.
  • Joystick buttons are now assignable on the controls menu.
  • Implemented a new sprite for the save area.
  • Improved and extended music themes on several areas.
  • If the windowscale is not set, use the highest possible based off the screen size.
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