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Third development Update on the free first person shooter "Shavra- Dead Frequency" presenting a few guns and some new ingame screenshots.

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Welcome to the third development update on Shavra - Dead Frequency

This time I will present a few guns from the games large arsenal. I'm still pretty new to modeling and animating so they might appear a bit pathetic to some more seasoned modelartists, but the initial idea behind this entire game is art, fun and practice... not professionality.

I'm having a few problems with the dynamic shadow shader on the characters. It drains the performance on dualcore systems and I feat that I have to remove it. I'll see if I can figure something out because I really don't want to loose the neat little detail of dynamic character shadows =/

New additions are:

*Improved Watereffects
*New Art Assets for a more "vintage-sci-fi" feeling
*Improved Weapon and footstep sounds
*New guns

I've added another one. Modeling took me 45 minutes...unwrapping was done in 3 hours with lots of pauses...its so tideous and boring -.-

I felt the need to add a few more non-bullpup Assaultrifles

So! Thanks for checking this out.

If you want to hear about news on this project as soon as I have can follow me on Twitter @Serygala

TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

That one gun's ammo clip *the one that looks like an old karabiner* looks like you'd bloody well use it as a melee weapon. Otherwise -- nothing really to save negatively about. This project is looking good, and may finally change how people expect an FPSC game to look like (as I understand many to find it to be both pointless, problematic and dated for an FPS engine).

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Serygala Author
Serygala - - 548 comments

Thanks! I hope so. The engine ain't great but user friendly and can do some cool stuff if you use it right.

You actually can use it for a melee attack :)

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ArkaZeen - - 1,696 comments


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Cahir - - 186 comments

The magwell of the G36 bullpup needs to be moved back a back, probably to the same point as the top 5.56x45mm rifle, so that it's possible for the wielder to use it with having to contort their wrist in strange ways, and the thing between the grip and the magwell in the first rifle should be removed as well.

Other than that, good work.

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Serygala Author
Serygala - - 548 comments

these are all test models (the entire game is for practice) and lag realism up to a certain degree.

I'll note this for future designs but I won't redo these. thanks for pointing that out.

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