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The Caribbean Sail is having an 8-bit Shanty Off! The best songs will be added to the game and the top three renditions will earn their creators a chest of Steam doubloons!

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Want to win $100 Steam Credit and hear your favorite shanty in

The Caribbean Sail? Until May First we're having an 8-bit Shanty Off!

Here's How to Enter!

Sail yourself over to and make an 8-bit rendition of your favorite traditional shanty not already in the game. (See complete rules) Then, copy the url (the entire song is stored in it!) and paste it into an email addressed to along with the name of the shanty, a link to your Steam profile, and the name you'd like to be credited with (no profanities).

The best entries will all be added to The Caribbean Sail free Route Planning expansion due for release late May, and my three favorite entries will win their creators a massive pile of Steam doubloons!

The Glorious Prizes!

First Place Prize - $100 in Steam Credit

Second Place Prize - $50 in Steam Credit

Third Place Prize - $20 in Steam Credit

Everyone else who transposed a shanty great enough to be added to the game will receive bragging rights to their friends and a sense of pride for their amazing work! You'll also get my thanks for being an amazing member of this piratical community :)

The Complete Rules

  1. Having a great loop is much more important than an intro and outro.
  2. Entries after May 1st will not be accepted, winners will be anounced soon after
  3. You must submit a Beepbox URL as I may need to adjust something for it to work in the game.
  4. Entries must be sent to
  5. It MUST be a traditional shanty, folk song, or old naval tune. No infringing modern copyrights.
  6. You can put a unique twist on your renditions but completely original compositions will not be accepted.
  7. If there are multiple different entries of the same shanty then only the best one will be added.
  8. Multiple shanties by the same person are accepted but only one of your entries can earn a prize. So attempt quality over quantity.
  9. By submitting an entry you accept the Terms and Agreements
  10. Renditions of shanties already in the game will not be accepted.

These are the songs already in the game

All for me Grog - Rule Britannia - Irish Washerwoman - What will we do with a Drunken Sailor - Windy Old Weather - Blow the Man Down - Yo ho ho and Bottle of Rum - Lowlands Away - Sailors Hornpipe - The Coast of High Barbary - The British Grenadiers - Heart of Oak

One Tip: Don't focus on just trying to make the longest most complex song possible. A great ten second loop with a strong melody that doesn't get on your nerves after 10 repeats is an absolute MASTERPIECE.

If you have any questions, email:
Happy singing, beeping, and sailing!

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