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A new Shadow and Flame beta release bringing with it a bunch of changes and additions to the Gundabad faction.

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Good afternoon friends,

Today we've released SaF BETA 0.610.

This version brings a handful of new content and balance changes to the Gundabad faction.
To install, please use the SaF updater utility that came with version 0.6. To find it, simply navigate to Start -> Programs -> Shadow and Flame. If for some arcane reason you cannot find it, download it from here. Running the updater will automatically patch your 0.6 install to 0.610.


Balance Changes:

- Frozen Wasteland effects no longer have a timelimit.
- Harsh Cold has its radius increased by 25%
- Hill-trolls build time increased to 60 seconds from 45.
- Troll Lair ranks up to rank 2 faster.
- Warg Rider base damage upped to 52 from 44.
- Warg-scouts have increased their health and armor by roughly 25%.
- Warg-scouts have a longer vision range.
- Increased the attack bonus from Gundabad drummer to 60% from 20%.
- Limited Cave Trolls to six units.

New content:

- 'Siege Hammers' upgrade for Cave Trolls
- 'Fell Blades' upgrade for Orc Warriors, Pikemen and Warg Riders
- Added Troll Slinger\Catapult
- Added banner carrier upgrade to Warg-scouts
- Added 'Howl' ability to Warg-scouts at rank 2


- Now works with the community 1.05 patch!
- The Hill-trolls weapon is now aligned to the animations.
- Warg-scouts should replenish their horde after reaching rank 2.

Note that this update does NOT include any of the announced changes to the original factions.
We intend to release another update containing some more balance changes/additions within a few weeks. After that, we will fully commit to the original factions.
Thanks and have fun playing,

~ The SaF Team

TheReaper1 - - 298 comments

Nice job :D

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Jowie_C - - 11 comments

Excellent work!! Congrats!!

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SebaZ_16 - - 307 comments

Great, downloading it now!

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