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The recently released Starpoint Gemini Warlords has received its first proper update to address some lingering issues, but also to improve stability and prevent potential errors.

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Greetings captains,

After a couple of small quickfixes, it's time for a proper update, bringing the version up to v1.030. A large chunk of the work for this updated was focused on prevention, either through scripts or through code. By prevention we mean that we've done additional checks and rearranged some scripts to prevent errors and glitches from occurring. I won't go into much detail here. Suffice it to say, you'll have a smoother experience :).

SC 01

Let's talk about what's around the corner...

The first bit comes next week, planned for Friday, June 9th. A large chunk of this update is focused on better modding support like an improved Material Editor, additional and/or improved modding tutorials, support for game world total conversion (without meddling in the vanilla world) and so on.

SC 05SC 10

Afterwards, you can expect a nice big free content update, that's coming in the next 2-3 weeks. This means bounties and the whole bounty-hunting mechanic. We'll have more details for you on this at a later date, but we just wanted you to know that we're working on more than just fixes and tweaks.

SC 11SC 09


  • Done some changes to the text files and how some text lines are fetched
    • faction descriptions switched from descriptions.txt to logs.txt to remove duplicates
    • ship descriptions switched from descriptions.txt to logs.txt to remove duplicates
    • ship description KN is now referenced in the .shp file (until now the description was referenced automatically by the ship's keyname)
    • if no ship description is available (description set to the default 1005 value, default text is shown (No data available)
  • Done some changes to the Geminipedia scripts
    • to display a Geminipedia entry for a ship, the ship has to be manually added to the AddEntry script. This is to prevent errors from being logged needlessly.
    • to display an Anomaly entry, the anomaly has to be manually added to the AddEntryscript.
    • to display an Asteroid field entry, the asteroid field has to be manually added to the AddEntry script.
    • to display a faction entry, the faction has to be manually added to the AddEntry script.
    • to display a planet entry, the planet has to be manually added to the AddEntry script.
    • to display a region entry, the region has to be manually added to the AddEntry script.
  • Optimized script loading to increase performance, but also prevent potential bugs.
  • Added a new option in the settings
    • Skip dock - set to true to never ever again see a docking or landing cutscene.
  • Fixed a glitch where the wrong reason for bein unable to board structures was being displayed.
  • The final waypoint in a waypoint chain (starchart) is now properly updated if the target changes its position (merging with a fleet in motion)
  • Fixed a text formatting error that would add a colon where it shouldn't (-,400).
  • Fixed several errors in the Customization panel when using the controller.
  • If you have the UI disabled (F11), the game can no longer freeze up when a dialogue pops up. The interface is automatically reinitialized.
  • Being hit with a heavy weapon no longer deactivates cloak.
  • You're no longer stalked by an anomaly while docked if there was an anomaly near you when you initiated docking.
  • New game files from mods are now properly loaded and shown.
  • The loot panel now uses the proper icon size.
  • Adhara, Apollo and Poseidon are now available for purchase on the New Sagittarius station, near planet Hogosha.
  • Fixed a glitch with several menu buttons having their icons colorized with the wrong tint.
  • Fixed an error that would make the Proxima fall into enemy hands.
  • Giving the GoTo command on the un-paused Starchart, in some instances meant the auto-pilot won't properly set power distribution to the engines. Now it does.
  • Rebuilding warmasters no longer costs Materials, but the Credits cost was increased!
  • Proxima is now calculated into the battle power only after it arrives.
  • In some cases, trading in a captured ship for materials, yielded no materials. This can no longer happen.
  • The Convoy defense mission can no longer break down if the last ship is captured.
  • Added fullscreen support for the custom movie panel on 4K resolution.
  • In theory, your ship's name could be too long. This is no limited during naming.
  • Corrected a number of text errors in both the English and the German versions.

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Wow, very nice looking forward to the new Material editor and tutorials!

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