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Only roughly a week after the last quickfix, comes the next update for Starpoint Gemini Warlords, buffing the game up to version 0.755. Bug-fixes are a-plenty, as well as tweaks and new features, including community favorites like "free-look" camera, declaring war on unsuspecting neutral or friendly neighbors and much more!

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Hello fellow captains!

Although the last quickfix was roughly just a week ago, we've got some new stuff ready for you to browse. We've placed a large focus on tweaks and features that were requested by the community in this smaller-than-usual-but-still-surprisingly-big update, along with our regular roster of bugfixes, tweaks and new stuff. The complete change-log can be found below as always, but I'll mention several things right away:

Free-look camera

Do you remember those many times something like Why don't you just make the camera behave like in all other 3rd person games today? What's your problem LGM? popped up on the forums? Well, we finally gave in and implemented it. This is now the default turret view camera (steering mode, mind you), but if you prefer the one we used so far, you can easily enable it in the Options.

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Hey you! I'm going to beat you into a pulp!

Ah... the simple joy of declaring a war... If an AI faction has a nice piece of territorial real-estate that you simply must have and the faction in question was neutral or (heavens forbid) friendly to you, up until now you were in a pickle. You had to manually drop your stance with them to hostile before unleashing the full destructive potential of your armada. With this update, you can simply send your fleet and a nice little prompt asks you to confirm that reducing them to molecules is what you actually intended to do.

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Freelancing with my homies

There are a couple of added, more difficult freelance jobs, meant to be tackled together with your fleet. Adding this made more sense than disabling gameplay segments.

Those are naturally just a few snippets from the change-log so please feel free to check the entire list on the forum.

And a few finishing lines to address a couple of features frequently noted on the forum:

  • Malfunctioning T-Gates can still not be repaired.
  • Boarding and capturing ships is not yet implemented.

I apologize to keep you waiting on the above. We're doing our best to get those features implemented as soon as possible.

Until next time, Safe travels and good hunting, captains!



  • You can no longer create the endless loop of following, but commanding your fleet to follow you, and then you follow that fleet.
  • Pressing the Shift key while on the Starchart properly changed the cursor icon to see you're adding waypoints to the path, but the same wasn't true of using LB on controllers. This is now fixed.
  • You can no longer click on station menu buttons while they aren't visible.
  • In some instances you could perpetually toggle Sublight on and off by holding the A button (controller).
  • Giving the Go to command via context menu now properly places and marks the destination waypoint.
  • Accessing the Perks or Research panel with the mouse and then switching to the controller didn't select the proper item in the panel. Now it does.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs or weird info feedback on the Perks and Research panels (for example a researched tech showing it is at 100%... why, just why?)
  • Ship systems and other purchasable items now have the properly calculated and displayed prices wherever you look on stations and planets.
  • You can now remove a destination waypoint from your fleet.
  • In some cases the "+1 Perk" notification went nuts. This happens no longer.
  • Fixed a but that would cause the Repair button to go missing or be disabled in the context menu (and on a Maintenance mission of all things...)
  • Perpetually pressing the A button on the controller while in Dryodock -> Equipment panel, would also perpetually refresh the panel for no real reason.
  • If a planet is targeted, but not currently visible on-screen, it is now properly marked with the arrow pointing you in the direction of the planet.
  • Fixed several instances where on-screen hints went missing if you were using a controller.
  • Random dialogues with ships should no longer get into a loop.
  • Double-tapping to initiate Sublight (controller) will now display the appropriate warning if your Sublight capablities are temporarily disabled.
  • If you typed in a new name on the character creation screen and then started a completely new game, the name you typed in was remembered. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed several issues related to dropping or destroying cargo that could lead to the game crashing.
  • Jettisoned and then collected loot will no longer remain hanging in space even though it's emtpy.
  • The cursor will no longer change form if you're hovering over an AI fleet obscured by fog of war.
  • Fixed a couple of text errors in the Options -> Controls panel
  • Fixed a couple of text errors in the Options -> General panel
  • Until now you could only command your fleet to follow you ONCE. This now works as intended and you can reissue the command as many times as you want to.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when extracting gas pockets.
  • In some instances, the Power redistribution panel would not budge when using a controller.
  • Fixed an error that would cause T-Gates near planets and stations to start blinking when you placed a waypoint near them.
  • Fixed a bug related to Commodity production templates (stations & planets) that prevented some parameters to be loaded properly.
  • Fixed a number of scripting errors.
  • Fixed several actual and potential bugs related to displaying reputation change notifications.
  • Fixed several actual and potential bugs related to displaying faction alignment change notifications.
  • Skill tooltips no longer mysteriously appears when you die.
  • While using a controller, Wormholes didn't provide any hint as to why you cannot construct a T-Gates on them.
  • Fixed an issue where a disabled Construct button would appear on a someone else's wormhole.
  • You can no longer scan anomalies while in Sublight.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to T-Drive (and done some slight changes)
    • T-Drive no longer remains active when loading a new game
    • You cannot save while using T-Drive
    • You cannot quicksave while using T-Drive
    • You cannot use Align to plane while using or activating T-Drive
    • If you activate T-Drive while aligning to plane, the latter will stop immediately
  • Various stability fixes


  • Added a new turret view camera mode (community request).
    • The new camera mode is a standard in most 3rd person games today.
    • This mode replaces the turret view steering mode
    • The legacy camera mode can still be activated in the options menu.
  • Declare war!
    • You can now finally declare war on a neutral or allied faction.
    • Just send a fleet or yourself onto a garrison or war fleet to open up a confirmation panel.
  • A notification pops up when a battle starts in space, without you present at the location. Your fleet has to be involved though.
  • A notification pops up when a garrison battle starts, without you present at the location. Your fleet has to be involved though.
  • Go to, go to & dock and T-Gate travel fleet orders are now saved.
  • You can now collect some resources on your own to help your faction
    • Ore can be gathered by mining asteroids
    • Gas can be gathered by extracting gas pockets in nebulas
    • Materials can be gathered by destroying junk in junkyards and by destroying or salvaging derelicts
  • Lens flares added to skyboxes
  • Added several new graphics options
    • Star density - slider affects the number/density of stars on the skybox
    • Star size - slider affects the size of stars
    • Nebula density - slider affects the size of nebulas on the skybox
    • Render nebula - If you don't want those nebulas shown on the skybox, simply untick this box
  • Added Quicksave and Quickload functionality. If the shortcuts aren't set by default, make sure you bind the keys! (community request)
  • Ongoing battles marked on the Starchart can now be clicked on.
    • This opens up an info panel with various stats and options (like Go to)
  • New magma asteroids replaced the old models/textures.
  • Added new loading screen hints.
  • Known prices access button is now added to the Ship cargo panel (community request).
  • Starpoint now has its proper OnActivate and OnDeactivate scripts.
  • The Starchart cursor now changes into the Attack form when you can actually issue the order to attack something.
  • Redesigned Object and Quest markers as well as off-screen markers.
  • Shield booster equipment done from scratch.
  • Atlas Defense Field equipment done from scratch.
  • You can now issue the Go to command straight from the Known prices view (community request).
  • Added 4 types of Freelance missions
    • These are based on the already existing types, but buffed up.
    • These jobs are meant to be tackled with fleets as the challenge is greater.
    • Hunt: Warmaster, Destruction, Installation assault, Installation defense.


  • War fleet markers are now always visible.
  • Decreased the camera vertical rotation deadzone.
  • Skills and Equipment hints now display the reason why they aren't available.
  • All ships now have standardized Sublight speed.
  • Repositioned several buttons so they don't overlap.
  • Several locations tweaked in preparation for the incoming lore.
    • Gas collectors in the Arachnid cloud yield less gas.
    • Gas collectors in the Cloud nine nebula yield less gas.
    • Gas collectors in the Demonicon cloud yield more gas.
    • Gas collectors in the Wrench nebula yield more gas.
  • Tweaked the scan effect on ships.
  • Controller Accelerate/Decelerate trigger sensitivity recalibrated (community request).
  • More info provided when you cannot send a Civilian fleet on a task... You now basically know the actual reason why.
  • AI fleets now head for the zone controller to defend it when it is attacked instead of when it is conquered.
  • The number of available commodities (their quantity) is now drastically buffed across Gemini. Some stations/planets have more, while some have less (still more than it was up until now). (community request)
  • Changed the Autoresolve timer format.


  • Added GetRotation function to mine game object.
  • Update the language markup and plugin files.

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