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Over the weekend we have been working hard to improve server performance for all our testers aswell as sorting some of the issues testers had regarding the open world PvP. All this aswell as new shops and Gems added to the game aswell!

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Server Performance Header
Over the weekend we have been working hard to improve our servers performance for all our testers. We think at the moment we are around 80% optimized now. Everyone should feel a massive difference in response time now from the server and should sort a lot of the lag out in the PvP battle's we have been having.

PvP Update
Starting in next patch players will receive a PvP gem when killing another player. PvP Gems can now be used a Gem stores to purchase cosmetic and PvP stat equipment. We have also reduced the exp you lose from dying in PvP in the open world.

Pub Punchout Heading
The Pub Punchout Battleground is now running so if you are in a town store and open your pvp menu you can queue for it in there. You will remain in the queue until 4 players are all signed up ready and you will enter the match.

To win Pub Punchout you must find and hold onto the gem for aslong as possible. If another player hits you when you have the gem it will random spawn somewhere on the map again for you to find it. First to 20 points wins 5 PvP gems.

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