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Big update for Serious Sam 2: Renovation. Blood and gore system, proper combo-weapons, weapon shots leave bullet holes on various surfaces, and more...

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Big update v0.75! What's new?

For this version, the mod was remade from the ground up.

- Proper combo-weapons first person view. F.e., whereas Sam holds a single Double-barreled Shotgun with both hands, he will wield each of them with only one hand when using akimbo mode;
- Weapon shots leave bullet holes on various surfaces (except for dynamic objects, such as destructible statues or crates);
- Circular Saw - updated screen;
- Zap Gun - updated plasma projectile;
- Double Shotgun - updated mesh;
- Uzi - reloading animation added;
- Minigun - updated mesh, ammunition belt added (also officially included into the 2.091 patch directly from the mod), animated screen added;
- Plasma Gun - updated plasma projectile;
- Sniper Rifle - updated materials, tweaked animations;
- Clawdovic - bomb materials updated;
- Cannon - changed visuals, animated indicators added;
- Other changes and improvements for weapons;

- Dead enemies leave pools of blood. The system is not 100% stable, but it will probably be improved later;
- Dead enemies have a more proper ragdoll now (make sure you have a sam_bEnableRagdollDeaths=1 cvar enabled);
- Updated mesh and animations for Bull Soldier;
- Updated mesh and destructions for Tank Bio-mechanoid;
- New shuriken model for Martial Arts Zombie;
- New jetpack for Flying Orcs - no more silly propellers;
- Various changes and visual improvements for other enemies and their destructions;
- Removed spawn sounds at the beginning of many levels;
- Added stain textures to some surfaces throughout the game;
- Improved balance for some of the boss fights (i.e., Zum-Zum has more health, and there is no Serious Damage on its arena anymore);

- Updated menu and fonts;
- Updated weapons' icons;
- New lighting on Sam's model in the main menu;
- Updated third-person view, all the characters stand more still and relaxed now;
- Updated bosses, there are visual impact effects when they're being shot now;
- Improved surface materials throughout the game, added missing step sounds (i.e., when walking on snow);
- Updated tons of effects;
- Difficulty balancing changes, enemies don't have increased health on Hard and Serious anymore;
- Chapter restart button added to the Pause menu;
- Young Elvian female NPC model updated;
- Other changes and improvements;

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Вот это крутой релиз!

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Very Cool! Can't wait to try it out when I have the time.

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