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Once the next round of balancign is in i was going to series by series fine tune it. And i was after some of all you inputs as to how to make this work. We all know i know Battlestar and Halo, and im more or less an expert on stargate. But i freely admit i know little or nothing of most of the other factions in the mod.
So basically i was wondering, what makes each faction unique.

With stargate they have VERY powerful shields, but said shields have a very low recharge rate. They also tend to do average damage across the board, and are generally not to fast or agile

With Battlestar they have very dense hulls that repair fairly quickly (to compensate for lack of shields). As for damage they do average to low damage. They are also not to fast in a straight line but can turn on a dime.

With Halo its a combinations, UNSC ships havee dense hulls that reapir quickly while covenant ships have low hull and average shields that recharge quickly. The UNSC do low damage (except MAC shots) while the covenant does heavy relative damage. But in a straight line the UNSC ships are faster and turn quicker, while the Covenant ships tend to be lumbering hulks that move slowly and cant turn to avoid the moon orbiting the planet in the next system... ok they not that bad but u know what i mean.

Now the rest is just my speculation, feel free to correct me and ill add a section for corrections

Star Trek have hulls that are average strength, shields are also avergae but they recharge quickly. Damage is again average, but they are faster and turn quickly in combat.

Star Wars is almost the opposite, there shields are week, but there hulls are strong. They do heavy damage but they cant turn to avoid alderaan (hense why it was destroyed :p ) and are not to fast in a straigh line.

Wing Commander, well i know nothing of wing commander, so id just rate it the same as battlestar and starship troopers

Starship Troopers, probably same as battlestar... more or less anyway

Babylon 5 is a bit of an odd one. Id rate it as strong hulls low shields, they do medium damage but are very fast and can rapidly turn to face enemies...

I was planning on doign up a % chart to show how i might be able 2 balance each faction slightly different to the others, but its not that easy...
If u tihnk ur up to the task, go right ahead and PM it to me
Remember it has to be even in the long run

Fixeus_Jan - - 326 comments

Well, babylon has different kinds of ships some are fast like whitestar, some are slow, like Earth destroyers, same with maneuverability. Weapons are different too: laser beams are vey powerful and pulse weapons make little demage. Then hulls, they are strong of course, but not so strong as BSG ones, but also ships are very durable, they could be functional even if big parts are destroyed. Ships of ancient races (Vorlons, Shadows, third space invaders) probably have strong shields and im not sure if Earth ships even have shields...

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Veritas - - 281 comments

no babylon 5 ships have "real shield" exept the Thirdspace portal, however ships most larger ships has a point defence system, should be passive, but not as good as "an ability point defence, as in FOC" also ships with organic hull vorlon, "thirdspace" Shadow's (Omega X) should be regenerating, the white star and minbari ships also have organic hull, but are not alive in the same sence... the excalibour has a form of cystaline-hull that deflects a lot of damage... but as said before, most younger races captial ships are slow and heavy hull, also most of them are "offencive" in the way that their primery guns only can face forward... Omegas tho have several turrets, and beams both front and back... the smaller ships are agile like large fighers, "especialy the WS"

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leeje - - 20 comments


Hahahah but seriously, this mod is looking amazing, and the fact that each civ has it's own strengths and weaknesses is seriously nice!

btw i think that all this is pretty fair... though the BSG ships are actually pretty fast in a straight line, if they have enough time to accelerate.

The human ships from stargate also are pretty maneuverable at least compared to the gou'ould ones (or however you spell it :P)

but anyway, this looks wicked!

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LucianoStarKiller - - 2,398 comments

actually (even if you may not accept) SW has shields capable of standing +1000 megaton power and of dealing about the same, the ships work more like a battle plataform than a jet like ships, they lack the ability to turn ships fast

in short their ships are strong and very resistant with little speed in subspace and turn slow

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p*a*t*t*o*n - - 690 comments

yes but if star wars ships were accurately represented here there would be no hope of balance for the mod :)

personally i think it will work out just fine the way you have it set up. maybe make wars capships (SD, MC, SSD) have strong shields, strong hulls, but slow.
also, i agree with leeje above, human and asgard ships in SG appear to be at least fairly fast and manuverable

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LucianoStarKiller - - 2,398 comments


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WarJunkie - - 293 comments

if any of them were accurately represented this mod would b screwed with the stargate plasma beams and halos nova bombs as well as star wars superlasers and all the other factions superweapons its hard to achieve a good balance without taking away the feel of the faction.

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TenebrariusRhade - - 42 comments

The majority star trek ships have average to dense hull strength there only a few ships that have weak hulls as for shield strength it is more on the shield lasting long to prevent as much damage as possible then recharge time that how come their weapons are so powerful.

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Vader91 - - 1,837 comments

Well, with what knowledge I have (primarily Star Wars and Star Trek, but I know SG fairly well) this seems reasonable and balanced.

In actuality though, SW would kick rear and the Klingons takes second place. lol.

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arkangel101 - - 82 comments

Well this sounds cool I like the what your are doing with Star Trek.

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GDI_Commander - - 277 comments

star trek sounds right, same with star wars. cant wait for this mod.

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A_Drunk_Orangutan - - 212 comments

I would also agree that the human and asgard ships are manuverable, but all stargate ships besides wraith have no hull resistance at all

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zmanism - - 80 comments

they have little hull resistance. the Prometheus took alot of damage from the ori satellite weapon which i think is the same beam weapon on their ships and the Prometheus was a pretty weak ship. and the only reason the Koralev got destroyed is because it was rushed into service.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,876 comments

well no, in stargate ships, even shields up, still take heavy damage, relative to say a wars ship, that has passable shields (As opposed to gates solid shields) take a lot of physical damage to jsut get past the hul. As for the prometheus death, the sat beam is about 10% the strength of the ori ships. The ori ship beam, assuming scale is constant, is 3-4x the radius of the satellite beam. And dont forget, odyssey, shields up, against the ori lost engines and hyperdrive, and most of the other systems it uses, and the shields sayed up...
Also daedalus under attack from the ZPM hive lost more or less everything, shields remained up for most of the hits.

Yes there are instances where a ship, with no shields has taken a few hits, but the damage taken is always severe. The promy in one hit from the sat couldn't move or jump to hyperspace, effectivly crippling her, amking her an easy target...

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zmanism - - 80 comments

ah i see. i bow down to your superior knowledge of the greatest show to ever air on television.

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candys123 - - 5 comments

please can you make a video how to install the mob because by me the mod starts with the new startscreen but no new faction or units are inthere can you help me please???????

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NakedCrook - - 269 comments

Hey terms of balacing, this is how I did it.

I balanced everything around the Executor Class Star Destroyer.

Pick the most powerful ship you have, and scale each ship to it. That is how I did it for GaW

Just throwing that out there.

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Redbot6 - - 24 comments

Well spino i agree with all the other factions except Star Wars. star wars shields are actually very strong (depending on ship) and very fast (depending on ship) but just to say a 300 meter long UNSC frigate cant go faster than a tiny speedy SW corvette. the power and shields ingame are about right but the speed is out of proportion to the other ships and the turrets look lame. :P plus i find that the Halo and all the other factions space stations or first ships such as halo frigate or star trek Execelsior lakota variant and future ships decimate fighters :( while even SW anti fighter ships cant kill enemy fighters at all. also in fighter vs fighter it never ends because they always evade everything and the bombers are weak against what there supposed to be bombing. just to help balance ;)

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