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The Player can now hop into a controllable tank and let loose some heavy firepower!

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The player can now enter a tank and drive it around with its own weapons! Turret and body is improved from last time. AI tanks use the same new turret and body system.

In the tank the player is well protected against small arms fire. The player has access to:

1.Regular High Explosive Shells: Great all around Damage especially against infantry.
2.Guided Armor Piercing Shells: Armor piercing damage against armor. Only usable on enemy armor.
3.Heavy Machine Gun: Anti infantry gun, high accuracy, low fire rate. Great to use when main cannon is reloading.
4. Canister Shell (shotgun): Great for finishing groups of infantry or stranded enemy drivers.
5.Flame Thrower: Fast moving flames, good against infantry, tanks, and enemy equipment...
6. AI ally controlled machine gun: If an ally is close to you while you are driving a tank, he will enter the tank with you and man the machine gun.
7. Flares: Deployed when you are being locked on by an enemy shooting guided AP shells at you.
8. Smoke: Deployed to lower enemy shell accuracy or infantry small arms fire. Does not misdirect seeking AP shells.

Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

Awesome effects.

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sniffgriff Author
sniffgriff - - 6 comments

thank you!

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