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news for September 2013, about whats goind on right now.

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once again I can reveal one more WC (WinCondition)
"Tech War", have this is the closest as of for now, you can get to a Tier system.
phase/tier 1-4 all these phases gets unlocked at the same time for every player, so the Wehrmacht player wont start with all the heavy panzers unlocked!
phase 1 unlocks all secondary infantry, Engineers Pioneers and sappers...
phase 2 unlocks all support weapons, except for AT Guns. Only light AT guns gets unlocked.
phase 3 unlocks light vehicles.
phase 4 unlocks heavy panzers.
a message will popup on your screen once these phases gets activated.
this WC supports:
English Language
French Language
German Language
Spanish Language

two new units have been added to, PE (Panzer Elite)
- Pak 43 Emplacement
- sturmpanzer IV
- a Pak 43 was also added for the Wehrmacht, but is mobile

the AI also got changed a little bit, it is still not a super hard opponent.
- British AI now produces other things than just a Liuetenant
- a Special Tech War AI is being tried out as you read this.
- German AI now functions a lot better

a new skin for the geschutzwagen have been added.
other skin changes will might also be added.

some planned WinConditions
- Buildings
- Assault (WIP)
- Realism

that is it for this time. Keep enjoying the mod.

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