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Infomation on the mod, infomation on the future, new race infomation, etc etc and lack of activity

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Hello people of the world. Lend me your eyes cause obviously you cant hear me. I know there has been lack of well, anything being added lately but thats because progress has been slow. I'v taken a break from modding for awhile cause it gets boring after months of modding and fredding ^^. Anyways I wish to announce some infomation.

Release of Evolution I postponed:
Due to lack of activity and lack of interest in people I am holding back the release of Evolution I until I feel its nessesary to release. Comment and maybe I can release it sooner. I feel so unimportant and lonely!

One side note before continuing: I wish to thank Cool Beans and Piemanlives for testing Evolution I.

Lack of Activity:
Basicly stated already in the last section. I feel very unimportant and uninterested ^^. Makes me sad.

New Race?!: Yes theres gonna be a 4th race. Sorta a work in progress but this race will make the Shivans look like bullshit. The Taldar'ii have arrived my followers. A race that is very ancient but a major threat to all life. Basicly no-mads you can expect the Taldar'ii late into the future. They will not be featured in the first release of Evolution I.

One little story I also wish to share. One day I was bored so I decided to face Canon fs2 vs my mod. These were the results:

UTS vs GTvA (Terrans): UTS wins
Parlament Andvari Empire vs GtVA (Vasudans): Andvari would of won then they deployed the Collossus
Unified Anshari Republic vs Shivan Armada: Most likely a stalemate but I have yet to actualy see the results

UTS (Evo 1) vs GTA: Most likely GTA due to UTS having no shields
Imperial Monarch of Andvar vs PVE: Most likely PVE due to AE having no shields

IOE (WIP) vs UEF: Unable to test due to shitty laptop

IOE will be explained next month. :) But heres a hint: The Typhoon picture shown under Images is the primary destroyer (used in large numbers) of the IOE fleet.

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