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After all this time we have been slowly having a change of plans with sensitivity, and we have a brand new look for it!

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Hello Members of Moddb(and indiedb too!)

Here is the still alive team again with a new look for sensitivity!

So Joseluis and me(joseluis is our writer) we have been making some changes on the sensitivity Story and it features and we have came up with this...

*Every week we will be updating sensitivity with one new piece of the story and one concept of it

*It will contain key moments of the game

*The whole story has been redone, and we cleaned some parts of it and everything looks x2 times more epic than it did before!

*The parkour system is almost done kinos only needs to tweak the stunts and fix the sliding animations.

Also we hired two new members Stew Our profile images/ui designer/logo designer member and
bassace(charlie Edson) our gfx artist he is doing our UI Prototype right now!

Oh I almost forgot to say that we also hired a new level designer Sthepan

He is one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated members we ever had(including devin here)
So sthephan is going to work together with devin to make some beautiful and epic levels. So prepare people, because sensitivity is becoming better than EVER!

By the way we are still open to all positions 3d modeler,a texture artist, and level designer,


"*It will contain key moments of the game" So, you will give us spoilers?

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RagnarokSky Author


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Hm... :/

Not too sure if that's a good choice.

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RagnarokSky Author

im not going to spoil the game just showing small pieces of some of the history key moments

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