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The mod have the Alpha-1 release authorized, screenshots, videos etc.

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The first release of the mod, version Alpha-1, have been authorized & available for download.

I also finished a new map & mission for it, Mountain Combat. Objective is to hijack transports of equipment & blow up a bridge, then take the transports to the end of the map without dying or getting the transports destroyed. It's early WW2 in Norway, so rifles are common & only light tanks exist yet.

Also made plans for 2 new maps with missions to go along with them. Not 100% sure if they're going to be made or if I do something else. First map would be in the finnish continuation war(I think) at northern Finland/Soviet, other would be near the end of battle of Khalkin Gol, located somewhere in Mongolia I think.

Also for the people who downloaded the mod, feel free to tell me exactly what you think of it & what you want added or changed.

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